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Milk [series]:
Control Boards - Quebec
Dairy Products Act - Revised Statutues, 1925, Chapter 63, as replaced by the Act 23 George V. Chapter 24, and amended by the Act 24 George V, Chapter 27, and the Act 25-26 George V, Chapter 29.

Assembly Bill No. 229 - An Act respecting milk and dairy products.

Boston Market
Preliminary Report 1949 - Factors Influencing the Seasonal Adjustment of Milk Production on Farms in the Boston Milkshed

Buffalo Market
Capital District Market
Dealers Contract for the Troy Milk Producers Cooperative, Inc.

Vermont Milk Control
State of Vermont v. Arthur N. Auclair
Supreme Court, Chittenden Country, Special Term at Rutland November 1938.

Blank Applications for State of Vermont Milk Licence.

Connecticut Milk Marketing
New York Metropolitan Milk Marketing Area
1951 Map of Country Plants in the New York Milkshed

Article by Dr. M. C. Bond, Cornell University
Organization Problems of Marginal and Border-line Territory in Reference to Metropolitan Milk Sheds

Syracuse Milk Market
Letters to Dr. M. C. Bond, Cornell University

Milk Prices at New York City Stores
Milk Prices Paid to Farmers
American Agriculturist Article, September 16, 1939
The Causes of Milk Strikes - Leland Spencer
Anti-C.I.O. Advertisement

Philadelphia Milk Prices
Letter to Dr. F. F. Hill, Cornell University

Retail Milk Prices
Newspaper clippings from the Herald Tribune and New York Times

Miscellaneous Milk Prices
Newspaper clipping from The New York Times

1892 Contract between R. Miller and the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company

Leland Spencer, Cornell University
Statement Concerning Need for Increase of Class I Price, Niagara Frontier Marketing Area

Leland Spencer and Herbert Kling, Cornell University
A Review of the Report of Mayor La Guardia's Milk Committee

Miscellaneous Spreads
Miscellaneous Milk Marketing
Letters to and from Leland Spencer, Cornell University

Newspaper clipping from the Tribune

Plan for Adapting New England Milk Marketing to War-Time Needs