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Series II. Administration [series]:
This series reflects the administrative operations of the national headquarters. The subseries reflect different offices or activities carried out by the Executive Director and the headquarters staff. The Association has reorganized many times since its founding, and this series tried to accommodate the fluctuating structure of the Association.

Accreditation [subseries]:

AHEA Foundation [subseries]:
These files are restricted for 50 years from date of creation except with the permission of the AAFCS Board of Directors.

Awards, Scholarships and Fellowships [subseries]:

Center for the Family [subseries]:

Certification [subseries]:

Consumer Interests and Standards [subseries]:
These records show the work of the Association in the area of consumer interests and standards. Preceding the list of general files in this subject are 4 sub-groups containing files on the Association's work with specific groups: the National Recovery Administration, Consumer Interests Committee, American Standards Association, and National Consumer Retailer Council.

Correspondence and Subject Files [subseries]:
These files largely originate from the office of the Executive Director and represent the Association's activities on a wide variety of topics.

Field Service [subseries]:

International Activities [subseries]:
The Association has been involved with international activities and groups from its inception. This subseries contains files on those activities as well as many files of Helen Strow and her interaction with the International Federation for Home Economics as a staff member of the Association. Files on the Association's work with organizations such the International Federation for Home Economics and home economics associations from other countries can be found in a later subseries, Outside Organizations.

Library and Archives [subseries]:

Membership [subseries]:

National Headquarters Staff and Operations [subseries]:
This subseries contains information on the work of the headquarters staff and on the various headquarters buildings.

Outside Organizations [subseries]:
This subseries contains information on the Association's involvement with other organizations, both international and domestic.

Program Division [subseries]:

Projects and Programs [subseries]:
This subseries contains files on specific programs or projects which the Association operated or with which it was involved. The largest groups of files are on HeadStart and the International Family Planning Project.

Public Policy [subseries]:

Public Relations [subseries]:

Publications and Publishing [subseries]: