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Landscape architect, city planner. Helen Elise Bullard, was born in Schuylerville, New York on June 28, 1896, the daughter of Dr. Thomas E. Bullard and Elizabeth Huggins Bullard. She attended the Schuylerville Public School. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor in Science Degree in Landscape Architecture (then Landscape Art) from the College of Agriculture. She was employed by the Wagner Park Nursery Company at Sidney, Ohio (not verified) where she lectured and advised on Small Home Grounds. From 1921 to 1925 she worked in the office of Warren H. Manning, Boston, Massachusetts as the plantsman and planting designer and supervisor of projects. She worked on both private estates and community pageants. By 1929 she was employed in the office of Annette Hoyt Flanders and supervised a number of estate projects, primarily on Long Island. In 1930 she was employed by the New York State government. She began in the Civil service, performing projects for the Long Island State Park Commission, Rye Beach Park, and the Southern State Parkway. In 1937 she was assigned as a Landscape Architect for the New York World's Fair, 1939. She was named Junior Landscape Architect for the New York State Department of Public Works in 1938 and remained there until she retired in 1964. During her career she lectured on gardening, garden design, city planning, and housing issues. She died in Schuylerville, New York on November 4, 1987.