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"S. 1592-1946 General Housing Bill"-Summary of S. 1592, General Housing Bill, President's statement and resignation of Wilson Wyatt, National Housing Expediter, memo from Vinton with correction for Wyatt's testimony; statement by David Krooth before House Banking and Currency Committee and summary; statement by William. Wyatt before House Banking and Currency Committee, copy of letter by Krooth to Rep. Jesse Wolcott July 27; letter D. Krooth to Rep. Jesse Wolcott, Aug. 9, 1946; A.F.L. borchure on General Housing Bill; plus Committee brochure on: Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service; General Housing Bill, Arguments for and against. . .for use of [Senate] Committee on Banking and Currency. Washington, GPO, 1947; memo from Krooth to Commissioner DS Myer on Vinton's work on local participation; National Public Housing Conference's Answer to the Opposition to Public Housing Provisions of S. 1592 and Facts about the Wagner-Ellender-Taft Bill, copies of S. 1592 in Senate, S. 1592 in House and report #1131 by Senator Wagner