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"Trustees Book of Accounts of Contingent Expenses", (1854-1884) (Item #4)
Contents: This volume had miscellaneous papers in it which were filmed before the volume vas. They include a sheet dated 1834 which stated:
"We the subscribers do hereby certify that on the seventh day of April 1834 in the vicinity of Port Gibson met at the School House in said Vilage (sic) pursuant to lawful notice for the purpose of forming a corporate body to take charge of and manage the temporalities of the said church..."
This sheet involved the formation and election of Trustees in 1834, but does not continue.

The second sheet (1842) is an inventory of notes and pledges for money to build the parsonage, house and barn, and to buy three lots.

There is another sheet entitled "Schedule of the Property of the ME Church of Port Gibson Church Meeting House Built and Paid for by Subscription and Leasing Seats in said Church..." (1845)

The Trustees' minutes begin in a regular manner after 1835 for the Port Gibson and East Palmyra charge (which before 1853 were one). The minutes have very little detail and simply record when the meeting occurred and who was elected a trustee.