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Pamphlets. [series]:
Abrams, Charles. A Housing Program for America. 1946
Alexander, Robert J. World Labor Today. 1952
Alexander, Robert J. Labor Parties of Latin America. 1942 - 2 copies
Alfred, Helen L. Municipal Housing. 1934?
Allen, Devere. The Caribbean: Laboratory of World Cooperation. 1943
Anniversary, 40th. L.I.D.
Barbash, Jack. Taft-Hartley Act In Action, 1947-1954 and Essentials of a New Labor Policy. 1954 - 2 copies
Barou, Noel. Recent Trends in British Trade Unionism. 1945 - 6 copies
Bauer, John. America's Struggle for Electric Power. 1935
Berube, Maurice. The Urban School Crisis. 1966
Bliven, Bruce. The Jewish Refugee Problem. 1939
Blanshard, Paul. Labor in Southern Cotton Mills. 1927
Blanshard, Paul. Technocracy And Socialism. 1932 - 3 copies
Bloomberg, Warner. The Age of Automation, It's Effects on Human Welfare. 1955
British Labor on Reconstruction in War and Peace. 1943 - 2 copies
Brooks, Thomas R. To Build A New World. 1965 - 30p.
Chase, Stuart. The Challenge of Waste. 1922
Chase, Stuart. One Billion Wild Horses. 1930
Chase, Stuart. Poor Old Competition. 1936
Chase, Stuart. Waste and the Machine Age. 1931
Chase, Stuart. Rich Land Poor Land. 1937
Clapp, Gordon, R. TVA and its Critics 1956 14p.
Cohen, Edward M. Toward Independent Labor Politics in Britain. 1948
Cohen, Felix S. Immigration and National Welfare. 1940
Coldwell, M.J. Canadian Progressives On the march: The Story of the Rise of the C.C.F. 1944 - 3 copies.
Counts, George S. The Right to Make Mistakes. 1952
Davis, Michael M. National Health Insurance 1956
Dewey, John. Education and the Social Order 1934
Dewey, John, and others Thirty-Five Years of Educational Pioneering and a Look Ahead. 1941
Douglas, Thomas C. Canadians Find Security with Freedom. 1949
Down on the Farm, the Plight of Agricultural Labor. 1955 2 copies
Economics of Defense and Reconstruction. 1941 2 copies
Epstein, Abraham. Old Age Security. 1929 2 copies
Epstein, Abraham. Old Age Security. 1930 revised
Epstein, Abraham. Social Security. 1937
Feldman, Sandra Decentralization and the city schools. 14 p
Forward March of American Labor. 1945 - 6 copies
Freedom and the Welfare State: A symposium. 1950
Goldbloom, Maurice, and others. Strikes Under the New Deal. 1935. 2 copies
Groseclose, Emmet. Subsidization of the Arts. 1956
Handbook of the Student League for Industrial Democracy. 1934
Harris, Seymour E. National Health Insurance. 1953
Herling, John and Morris Shapiro. The Terzani Case. 1933-34?
Hyman, Sonia Zunser. Economic Security and World Peace. 1938 2 copies
Ise, John. Our Vanishing Oil Resources. 1929 - 2 copies
John Dewey at 90 1950, 37pp
Kahn, Tom. The Problem of the New Left. 1966 reprint
Kingsbury, John A. Health Security for the Nation. 1938
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) Needed: A Moral Awakening in America. - A symposium. 1952
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) A Program for Labor and Progressives. - A symposium. 1946
Laidler, Harry W. America in the Depression. 1935 - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. British Labor as Government and as Opposition. 1950 - 3 copies
Laidler, Harry W. British Labor's Rise to Power. 1945 - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. Consumer's Cooperation - A Social Interpretation and The Consumers Cooperative Movement: A Factual Survey. by Wallace J. Campbell. 1937
Laidler, Harry W. Democracy in Crisis. 1939
Laidler, Harry W. Federal Government and Functional Democracy. 1940
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) Freedom and the Welfare State. - A symposium. 1950
Laidler, Harry W. How America Lives. 1924
Laidler, Harry W. How America Lives. 1930
Laidler, Harry W. Incentives Under Capitalism and Socialism. 1930.
Laidler, Harry W. Labor Governments at Work. 1948 - 4 copies
Laidler, Harry W. Our Changing Industrial Incentives. 1949.
Laidler, Harry W. Public Ownership Here and Abroad. 1924 - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. Putting the Constitution to Work. 1936
Laidler, Harry W. Recent Developments in the American Labor Movement. 1923 - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. Roads to Freedom. 1924 - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. Roads to Freedom. 1927.
Laidler, Harry W. Socialism in the United States: A Brief History. 1952
Laidler, Harry W. The New Capitalism and the Socialist. 1931. - 2 copies
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) The Third Freedom: Freedom From Want. - A symposium. 1943
Laidler, Harry W. Toward a Farmer-Labor Party. 1938
Laidler, Harry W. Toward Nationalization of Industry. 1949 - 2 copies.
Laidler, Harry W. Unemployment and Its Remedies. 1929
Laidler, Harry W. Unemployment and Its Remedies. 1931
Laidler, Harry W. Unemployment Insurance Plans Abroad. 1930.
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) World Cooperation and Social Progress. - A symposium. 1951
Laidler, Harry W. (Editor) Years of Education. - A symposium. 1945.
Lane, Winthrop D. The Denial of Civil Liberties in the Coal Fields. 1924.
Lash, Joseph P. The Campus Strikes Against War. 1935
Laski, Harold. Karl Marx - An Essay. 1933
Lend, Evelyn. The Underground Struggle In Germany. 1938
Levenstein, Aaron. The Atomic Age. 1946
Lewis, Alfred Baker. Why the C.I.O. 1937
Lewis, Alfred Baker. Labor, Machines and Depressions. 1938
Lewis, Alfred Baker. Why We Have Depressions and Recessions. 1962
Lewisohn, Sam A. and others. The Future of Capitalism and Socialism In America - A symposium. 1927
Lindbom, Tage. Sweden's Labor Program. 1948 4 copies
Lipkowitz, Irving. The Railroads Versus Public Interest. 1936
Lipkowitz, Irving. Monopoly and Big Business. 1940
Looking Forward: Discussion Outlines. 1932 - 2 copies.
Looking Forward: Discussion Outlines. 1933
Looking Forward: Discussion Outlines. 1935
Lovett, Robert Morss. The Middle Class and Organized Labor. 1940
Maslow, Harold. The Intelligent Consumer's Guide to Hospital and Medical Plans. 1942
Matthews, J.B. and R.E. Shallcross. Facism. 1934.
Matthews, J.B. Traffic in Death. 1934
Meiklejohn, Kenneth and Peter Nehemkis. Southern Labor In Revolt. 1930
Miles Socialism's New Beginning. 1934
Moe, Finn. Does Norwegian Labor Seek the Middle Way. 1937
Muste, A.J. The Automobile Industry and Organized Labor. 1936
Nearing, Scott. Irrepressible America. 1922.
Neumann, Franz. European Trade Unionism and Politics. 1933
Pell, Orlie. The Office Worker - Labor's Side of the Ledger. 1936 - 2 copies
Pell, Orlie. The Office Worker - Labor's Side of the Ledger. 1938 - 3 copies
Perelman, Norman. What Price Telephones? 1941 - 2 copies
Pearlmutter, Nathan. We Don't Help Blacks by Hurting Whites. 19?8
Raushenbush, Carl Fordism. 1937
Raushenbush, H.S. The People's Fight for Coal and Power. 1926.
Saposs, David J. and Elizabeth T. Bliss. Anti-Labor Activities in the United States. 1938.
Seidman, Joel. Sitdown. and A G.M. Stockholder Visits Flint. By Robert Morss Flint. 1937.
Seidman, Joel. Shall Strikes Be Outlawed? 1938. 2 copies
Senior, Clarence. Mexico In Transition. 1939.
Sering, Paul. What Is FolkSocialism? A Critical Analysis. 1937.
Soule, George. The Intellectual And The Labor Movement. 1923
Soule, George. The Accumulation of Capital: Social vs. Personal Savings. 1924.
Starr, Mark. Labor Looks at Education. 1947.
Starr, Mark. Workers Education Today. 1941.
Sutch, W.B. New Zealand's Labor Government at Work. 1940.
Thomas, Norman. A Socialist Looks At The New Deal. 1933. 3 copies
Thomas, Norman. Democracy Versus Dictatorship. 1937. 3 copies
Thomas, Norman. Democratic Socialism: A New Appraisal. 1953. 3 copies
Thomas, Norman and Joel Seidman. Russia - Democracy or Dictatorship. 1939.
Thomas, Norman. The Challenge of War: An Economic Interpretation. 1923.
Thomas, Norman. The Challenge of War: An Economic Interpretation. (revised) 1924.
Thomas, Norman. The Plight of the Share-Cropper. 1936 & 1934. 5 copies.
Thomas, Norman. Russia - Democracy or Dictatorship. 1934.
Thomas, Norman. War As A Socialist See It. 1936.
Thomas, Norman. What Is Industrial Democracy. 8pp. N.D. 2 copies
Thomas, Norman. What Is Industrial Democracy. 59pp. 1925. 2 copies
Thomas, Norman. Why Am I A Socialist. 1934.
Twenty Years of Social Pioneering. L.I.D. 20th Anniversary. 1925.
Unemployed, The. L.I.D. 1930 & 1931 (4 issues)
Ward, Harry F. The Profit Motive: Is It Indispensable To Industry. 1924
Weisenburg, Mina. The L.I.D. : Fifty Years of Democratic Education, 1905-1955. 1955.
Wolfson, Theresa and Abraham Weiss. Industrial Unionism In the American Labor Movement. 1937.
Young, Charles N. U.S.A. : A Blueprint of Fair Competition. 1935.