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Presbyterian Church in Lyons, New York Minutes of Trustees, December 10, 1799-February 17, 1873 [series]: (Volume I)
Minutes record the election of trustees and their term of office, the date and location of the annual meeting, the business of administering church property, lengthy discussions of pew rent policy, reports and resolutions. Extra entries surround the construction of new meeting houses in 1823 and 1849. After the February 2, 1866 entry is a pew rent diagram.

Minutes of the Session of the Presbyterian Church in Sodus, 1809-1825 [series]: (Volume II)
Session minutes record the organization of the church by the Rev. John Lindsley, the reception of members, attendance of members of the session and disciplinary cases. Somewhat illegible in places. At the end of the volume is a list of baptisms which includes date, parents, subject and date of birth (1809-1823) and another list of member's contributions.

Record of the First Presbyterian Church in Lyons, Session Minutes, 1825-1840 [series]: (Volume III)
Minutes contain the same information as Volume II. Large numbers of baptisms occurred from April 3, 1831-November 1832 and in April 1333, 34 and 38. Items of note include:

Page 6, Sept. 17, 1826
A woman pleads guilty to intemperance.

Page 18, June 6, 1828
A brother claims he has absented himself from worship because he was offended by the use of a bass viol.

Dec. 15, 1840
Trial for a rape.

Records of the First Presbyterian Church in Lyons, N.Y.", 1840-1865 [series]: (Volume IV)
Minutes contain the same information as in Volume II. Items of note include:

Page 1
Account of the church's founding.

Page 1-2
List of pastors.

Page 2
List of elders.

Page 5-9, July 30-Dec. 15, 1840
Trial for "laviceous conduct."

Page 13, Dec. 28, 1840
Member excommunicated for owning a gambling establishment (billiards and bowling) .

Page 14-17, January 1-25, 1841
Resolution of trial above pp. 5-9.

Page 53-83, Aug. 12-Oct. 12, 1844
Trial of an elder for dishonesty, covetousness, un-Christian and abusive treatment of the pastor, slanderous treatment of the church and violation of Christian covenant. Issues raised in the trial include equalization of church expenses and preparation of the annual report to the Presbytery.

Page 87-88, Feb. 6, 1845
Account of the elder's appeal to the Presbytery.

Page 99, March 1, 1846
Resolution against gambling and card playing and making them reason for church discipline.

Page 155, Dec. 2, 1853
The church endows a chair at Hamilton College.

Page 215
Last minutes.

List of Benevolent Collections listing date (1849-1864), cause and amount collected.

Treasurer's Records, 1826-1848 [series]: (Volume V)
Contains two lists of subscriptions due (1826-41, 1840-48), each indexed by names, showing date, amount paid, purpose (1 yrs. subscription), cash or draft for each member and the accounts of the treasurer with the trustees (p. 239).

Register of Church Members, Baptisms and Marriages, 1809-1946 [series]: (Volume VI)
Pre-printed register
Apparently contains material from old registers copied sometime after 1844. A note from Albert J. Thomas, pastor in 1846 states that many baptisms, marriages and deaths were not recorded by his predecessors, so the list is incomplete.

Register of Church Members
Includes a number, when received, name, wife or widow of, how received, if baptised, and remarks for 2,543 members. An alphabetical index follows the register.

List of infant baptisms
Includes date, name, time of birth, names of parents (1811-1891) alphabetically arranged.

Marriages list
Contains date, name of the parties, and, (after 1848), includes the residence of the parties and some witnesses.