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Records of the Avoca Baptist Church. Minutes of Church Meetings, 1846-1868 [series]: (Volume 1)
The minutes of the church meetings are primarily concerned with the appointment of delegates, disciplinary problems among members, election of deacons appointment of a pastor, discussion of the pastor's salary, circulation of subscriptions, and the dismissal and acceptance of members. The minutes include the declaration of faith (sixteen Articles cited), the church covenant, lists of members, and a Table of contents. Items of interest:

January 13, 1847
A group of people met to organize the church. It was voted to adopt the declaration of faith and church covenant published by New Hampshire Baptist State Convocation.

July 31, 1847
It was resolved to petition for admission into the Steuben Baptist Association.

September 6, 1851
A difficulty was discussed between two church members concerning a financial matter.

December 13, 1851
Delegates were appointed to attend a meeting about the changing of the border which separates Steuben and Yates counties.

March 6, 1852
A unanimous vote united the church with the Baptist Church in Cohocton.

March 7, 1853
A disciplinary problem arose because of the violation of covenant and the slander of the church.

October 31, 1857
A disciplinary problem concerning temperance was discussed (lasted until November 8, 1857).

October 2, 1858
A disciplinary problem concerning foul language was discussed.

Records of the Baptist Society of Avoca, Steuben County, New York [series]: (Volume 2)
Trustee Meeting Minutes, 1851-1918 . The Trustee meeting minutes are primarily concerned with elections of trustees, clerks, and treasurer; the erection of a church building; the selling of pews; donations; and financial matters. The minutes include the constitution, cited in ten sections. Items of interest:

December 5, 1851
A committee was formed to locate a site for the construction of a meeting house.

January 5, 1852
A plot was located to build a church.

January 24, 1852 - February 6, 1852
A discussion of the structure of the church.