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Records of the Second Presbyterian Society in Starkey, New York (Volume 1)
Annual meeting minutes, 1832-1887 . Minutes record the election of trustees, the selection of clerk and chairman and their efforts to construct or care for the church property.

Records of the Dundee Church (Volume 2)
Session minutes, 1853-1883 . The volume opens with a list of pastors and their dates of service (1832-1947). Minutes commencing June 3, 1853 record the attendance of members of the session, the reception and dismissal of members, the appointment of representatives to the Presbytery and occasional cases of discipline. One unusual resolution is to record the services of members of "this church in the volunteer forces of the United States during the present rebellion." (February 27, 1863). After the last entry (1883) are yearly reports to the Presbytery with list of statistics (1866-1883) showing: added on examination; added on certificate; total enrolled; no. non-? for 5 years; adults baptised, infants baptised; Sunday school membership; contributions to the General Assembly, Home Missions, A.B.C.J. (?), Education, Mis. Relief, Congregation, Misc. and a list (1859-1866) with figures for additions by letter, additions by profession, total; adult baptism, infant baptism; dismissals; excommunications, contributions; deaths; and miscellaneous. At the end of the vol. is a list of 4 infant baptisms (1864, 1876) with name, parents and date; a Communicants list copied from Book A in January 1863 listing 8 pages of names and when died, dismissed, excluded or otherwise disposed of, and a 5 page list for 1872 with the same information.