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Record of the Methodist Episcopal Church Bath, Register, 1857-1870 [series]: (Item 1)
Record of Baptisms
Lists date of the baptism, name of the baptized person and, if an infant, the name of its parents or guardians, the date of birth of baptized person, the residence of the party baptized, the name of the officiating minister and the names of witnesses. 1858-1870. (4 double pages).

Recorded Marriages
Lists date, name of parties, residence(s), place of marriage officiating minister and witnesses. 1857-1869. (16 double pages).

Record for Probationers
Double exposure. Lists date, name, condition (married, single, widowed), residence, class leader and remarks. 1857-1870. (11 double pages).

Alphabetical List of Members
Includes name, residence, date and mode of reception, and the name of the class leader. Any changes are indicated as "remarks." 1853-1870. (28 double pages).

Class records
Lists names, leaders and when and where meets for up to 10 classes, some revised several times. (34 pages).