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The Parish Register, 1847-1918 [series]: (Item #1)
246 pages numbered on alternate pages. ".5" is used to represent the unnumbered pages.

Page 1
Statement of commencement of records, and names of wardens and vestrymen, 1847.

Page 1.5-2.5
List of communicants, 1848-1854.

Page 3-31.5
Chronological records, 1847-1866. including records of annual elections of wardens and vestrymen, deaths, confirmations, baptisms, communions, weddings, invitations extended for the pastoral charge of the church, and church collections.

Page 32-48
List of communicants, 1883-1916.

Page 48.5-49
List of marriages including date, place of marriage, and witnesses, 1915-1917

Page 49.5-55
List of communicants, 1854-1882.

Page 55.5-57.5
List of baptisms, 1846-1856 - information given varies.

Page 58
Confirmations, 1848-1854.

Page 58.5
List of baptisms, 1856.

Page 59-59.5
Missing from volume.

Page 60
List of marriages including only the couple's name and place of residence, 1849-1854.

Page 62-63.5
List of burials including date, age, and occasional mention of place of service, 1848-1868.

Page 64-65.5
Lists of wardens and vestrymen, 1847-1858.

Page 66-66.5
List of collections including date, occasion, reason for collection, and amount collected, 1847-1851.

Page 67
Diagram of church with ownership of pews shown.

Page 67.5-70.5
List of baptisms including birthdates, names of parents, and names of sponsors, 1858-1868.

Page 71-72.5
List of wardens and vestry, 1866-1869.

Page 73-74.5
List of burials including name, date, age, and place of death, 1904-1918.

Page 75-76.5
List of confirmations including names of visiting bishops and rectors who presented those being confirmed, 1907-1915.

Page 77-79
List of baptisms including names of parents, sponsors, date, and place of baptism, 1908-1913.

Page 79.5-84
List of confirmations including date, name of rector presenting those being confirmed and sometimes the name of the bishop, 1856-1904

Page 91.5-103
List of marriages including place of residence, place of ceremony and date, 1854-1914.

Page 103.5
List of baptisms including place of baptism, parent's names, sponsors' names, date, 1869-1871.

Page 104.5
List of offerings, 1856-1858.

Page 105.5-122
Lists of baptisms; information given varies, 1872-1881.

Page 123
List of teachers and members of Bible class, 1848.