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Records of the Painted Post Circuit [series]: (Item 1)
(Note: See the Collection Description for a breakdown of contents.) Items of note are as follows:

Section A [subseries]:
Inside cover contains a steward's record listing the number of adults and children and the budget for 1835. Contains meeting minutes for October 9, 1842.

Section B: Coming Circuit Leader's Meetings. [subseries]:
September 29, 1841
A committee is appointed to build a parsonage.

July 21, 1844
Reports of a Sunday School.

Section D [subseries]:
p. 2, December 22, 1822
Resolved to form a tract society and to promote the cause of temperance.

p. 3, June 15, 1833
Resolved to form a Benevolent Society to include sabbath schools, tract and missionary work and other purposes.

p. 8, August 2, 1834
Resolved to form a missionary society.

p. 9, n.d. 1835
Resolution on supporting temperance societies.

p. 13, February 20, 1836
Resolution concerning "Wesley's Rule of Discipline" on the use of ardent spirits.

p. 31, July 27, 1839
Last Meeting

Section E: Quarterly Conference Minutes for the Corning Circuit [subseries]:
p. 33, November 1839
Discussion of recent division of the circuit.

p. 37,
Curriculum for prospective elders and deacons includes English grammar.

p. 42, July 24, 1841
License denied to a man charged with trifling with the affections of a female.

p. 48-49, January 29, 1842
Resolution on slavery.

p. 58, November 12, 1842
Collection taken for the Wesleyan Genesee Seminary.

p. 61, February 4, 1843
Member required to give a statement "in love feast".

p. 69, July 15, 1843
The church requests a conference to divide the circuit and to make a station of Corning with Caton as an appointment. Painted Post and Campbell Circuit would have Erwin appointed with it.

p. 71, July 15, 1843
The first of a series of yearly reports on Sunday schools.

p. 90-91, August 22, 1846
Reports on a dispute over the pastor which has been disrupting the church.

p. 93, August 17, 1843
Last entry.

Section F: Quarterly Meeting Minutes for the M.E. Church of Corning [subseries]:
p. 96
First meeting.

p. 111, March 14, 1850
Resolved to join with Lawrenceville to hold a camp meeting.

n.p. , February 1, 1863
Reports of an improvement in spirituality and new converts .

1861-62 meeting to 1867-68 meeting - gap.