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Certificate of Incorporation, 1841 [series]:
Signed by the church clerk. The names of church wardens and vestrymen are included.

Parish Register, 1841-1869 [series]:
Note: Numbered pages begin on page 22, and there are gaps in page numbers between pp. 35-48, 150-191, 196-239, 250-257, 264-305, and 323-328.

First page
"Parish organized April 1841. Rev'd Richard Smith, Missionary." This is a brief history, listing year, number of families, adults, children, baptisms, and communicants in the parish, 1841-1869.

Next two pages
Lists year, number confirmed, buried; number of public services held; number of communicants, teachers and students in the Sunday School, number of marriages; funds collected for diocesan missions, domestic missions, foreign missions, Christmas fund, tracts, alms, parish objects, Thanksgiving Day offering; Rector/ministers' names.

Next 3 pages
written history of incorporation (June 9, 1841, signed by church clerk). The certificate of incorporation is transcribed here.

Lists dates, names, residence, hen removed, married, deceased, remarks. Note: numbered pages begin.

p. 22
A family joins the Methodist church "during the excitement of the winter" of 1857-1858.

p. 31
Newspaper clipping, tipped-in (n.d.) re: first labor day parade in Corning.

p. 32
Number of parishioners reported to the Diocese, August 1867.

Baptisms (begins 1844 )
Records date, name, parents, sponsors, birth date, officiating clergyman and remarks, where performed.

p. 62
Adult baptisms (1 or 2 pages only).

p. 107
Three short entries regarding visits and baptisms by Bishop DeLancey in Corning.

Confirmations (begins 1844 )
Records date, name, officiating bishop, remarks, whether communed. Remarks are extensive descriptions of the ceremonies .

Communicants (begins 1850 )
Lists date, name, residence, dismissals (and other remarks).

Marriages (begins 1848 )
Lists date, names, place, officiating clergyman and witness name.

Burials (begins 1845 )
Records date, name, place of interment, age.

Church offerings (begins 1850 )
Records date, object, remarks, amount, p. 317 One sheet paper, tipped in, notes "parochial items" from August 1, 1868 to December 13, 1868.

p. 318
Letter, tipped in, requesting that the Christ Church of Coming's rector provide proof of the marriage of a recent widow; also a newspaper obituary, n.d.

p. 319
"Chancel," tipped in paper: format of church and pews; records rentals for 1878 and 1885(7). On other side are notes of 2 baptisms (1860 and 1861), one death (1873), and other illegible notes.

p. 321
"Parish Expenses," tipped in note, 1854. Records balance due to rector(?) More of the same on other side.

p. 323
Pamphlet (1895) tipped in, re: 10th anniversary of the chancel building of Christ's Church, Easter Day, 1895.

p. 328
Record of "disbursement of alms," n.d., 1/2 page only.