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The Mead's Creek Baptist Church formed in Monterey village, Orange township, on July 15, 1837, as an off-shoot of the Baptist Church of Hornby(see Record #6074), at a conference of local Baptist churches including those of Hornby, Catlin, Campbell, Jersey, Bath, Dix, Orange and Reading. The Mead Creek's church adopted the Articles of Faith of the Hornby Baptist Church, and at a Council of Baptist churches (including those above plus others) convened on August 26, 1840, it was declared an independent church. A Covenant and Declaration of Faith were adopted, and the church's goverance structure was altered slightly. Funds for preaching services were raised by a Home Missionary Society (established June 19, 1841) subscriptions by "Equality," and grants from the Steuben Baptist Association. Membership fluctuated between 100 to 60 members during the 13 years covered in this collection.