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Records date, names, date of birth, administrator/minister, witness.

Records date, names of parties, residence, place of marriage, minister, witness.

Records date, name, condition and age, residence, class leader, remarks.

Probationers, 1853
Same as above.

Probationers, revised list, July 13, 1854 and 1855
Same as above.

Probationers continued, as above.
Probationers, revised list April 1868 .
Contributions to missionary society for year ending 1877
Records names and amounts.

Contributions for same, 1878 .
Contributions for same, 1879 .
Alphabetical list of members, n.d .
Lists names, residence, time and mode of joining class leader, remarks. Four revised lists follow, with dates and author's signature.

Class lists for West Dryden and Asbury societies, no dates.
List class number, title, when meets, names and remarks. Revised lists also appear in this section, some with dates.

Official members list, n.d.
Lists local preachers, exhorters, stewards and class leaders.

Class lists continued, as above.