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Minutes of the Ulysses Circuit, 1831-1845 [series]:
These are Quarterly Conference Meeting minutes.

Description of contents by Francis M. Wheeler dated August 1, 1885 , Mecklenburg.
Meeting Minutes, September 24th and 25th, 1831 - May 11, 1845 .
Minutes record place and date of meeting; who presided and conference members present (circuit preachers, local preachers, exhorters, class leaders, stewards); licensing of new preachers and exhorters; appointments to committees (for example: estimating committee, committee to draft a constitution for Tract and Mission Societies, a committee to procure a parsonage); election of stewards; quarterage paid and received (from class and official contributions and public collections; also officers' salaries); passage and adoption of resolutions (for example: 31 December 1831 and January 1, 1832: adoption of a Temperance resolution making the use of "ardent spirits" by church members or probationers cause for disciplinary action by the circuit conference); election of clerks; addition to and subtraction of certain classes from the circuit.

June 23, 1832
"Resolved that (O)badiah Smith be reproved and admonished by Eld. Chase for his over-heated political zeal, particularly for the spirit which has has evinced before the quarterly conference."

January 12, 1833
"Resolved that the Quarterly Conference form themselves into a Tract Society."

July 3, 1833
This conference was held as a camp meeting. Resolved that James Letts' class be invited to give up their separate appointment and join the Trumansburg and Jacksonville Societies. If they should so choose, two stewards are appointed to effect the sale of the class' meeting house. Several licenses to preach and exhort were granted at this meeting.

September 22, 1833
At an "Extra" meeting of the quarterly conference, the Circuit is divided into east and west circuits, and Ulysses no longer includes the Appleton class in the South Circuit. Stewards for the South Circuit appointed. November 1833 (?): The Enfield Circuit (set off from Ulysses) asks to be rejoined to Ulysses or given more classes to make up their new circuit. The Ulysses Circuit's answer is that the division "will result in the dearest interests of the church and the glory of our common Lord." To show their sincerity, they arrange to have Ulysses Circuit ministers exchange with those of Enfield as frequently as possible.

June 21, 1834
A Sabbath School society is formed in the Conference.

September 24 and 25, 1836
A Missionary Society is formed in the Conference.

March 18 and 19, 1837
"Resolved that Brother Parker lay the injunction upon Sister Bradstreet that she must desist from her Practices of healing and if she will not to be dealt with according to Discipline."

August 26 and 27, 1838
Delegates are chosen to go to the Ovid Circuit's next quarterly conference meeting to suggest the annexation of Ulysses and Ovid Circuits.

August 8, 1843
"Alien's class" and "little Flats" are added to Mecklenburg to constitute a station.

End of the document
A statement of agreement concerning the establishment of a farm and construction of buildings on it in Catherine (Schuyler County), and an incomplete recounting of the Jacob's Ladder story.