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Church Register, 1854-1866 [series]:
Table of contents, or "Index to this Register," transcribed below:
List of Official Members, page 11, 12, 13
Record of Baptisms, page 1, 2, 3
Record of Marriage, page 54, 55, 56, 57
Alphabetical List, page 173
Record of Classes Severally, page 28l
List of Probationers, page 96, 97

Pages 1-10
Baptisms, 1859-1868 . Records names, dates, officiating minister.

Page 11
List of official members, October 8, 1856 . Lists presiding elder, preacher, stewards, leaders, trustees.

Page 12
Revised list, August l86l . Lists stewards, leaders, preacher in charge, presiding elder.

Page 13
Revised list, September 5, 1863 . Same as above.

Page 14
Revised list, August 21, 1868 . Lists local elder, stewards, leaders, trustees, Sabbath School superintendent.

Pages 53-62
Marriages. Records dates, names of parties, residences, where married, officiating minister, fee.

Pages 89-100
Probationers, 1855-1868 . Records date, name, condition/state in life, residence, class leader, remarks.
a. page 93: revised list, August l86l. Same as above.
b. page 96: revised list, August 30, 1863. Same as above.

Pages 172-249
Alphabetical list of members, [ 1844-1868 ]. Records names, residence, time and mode of joining, class leader, remarks. N.B. At least half of these pages are revised or re-written lists, with dates.

Pages 256- 290
Class List, or "Record of Classes Severally." Lists class number, names, remarks.
a. pages 264-268: revised list, August 1860. Lists class number, names, class leader, meeting time.
b. pages 269-274: revised list, August l86l. Same as above.
c. pages 275-280: revised list, November 1862. Same as above.
d. pages 281-291: revised list, September 1863. Corrected August 1866. Same as above.