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Sabbath School Minute Book, 1846-1870 [series]:
Table of contents, or "index." Transcribed below:
Reports Annual, page (?)
Organization of S.S. 1845, page 10
Organization of S.S. 1846, page (?)
S.S. Account of Books and Primers, page 26
Cash Account Current, page (?)

Page 1
List of books in library, by title.

Page 4
Account of books bought, July 22, 1850 .

Pages 10-23
Meeting minutes, 1846-1847 . Records appointment of teachers, superintendent, librarian and assistant; success or failure of teachers; problems in holding attendance and obedience to rules; absences and lack of male teachers; expulsions and new students. Some of these entries are church meetings when Sabbath School officers are elected or chosen; other are made every Sunday and include lessons of the day and absence of teachers.

Page 24
Accounts for Sabbath School, 1846-? . Records dates, books and their cost, money raised and from whom received, balance forward, balance due.

Page 27
Minutes continued, as above. 1848-1878 . Pagination ends here. Entries of note concern the necessity of employing female teachers to teach the boys due to the lack of male teachers; a committee of women appointed to solicit new teachers; conversions among students and teachers due to a protracted meeting; poor attendance due to many going to see baptisms performed at the Baptist Church; no classes held on Sunday due to a temperance lecture by William Barrigan (?) "who is a stranger here," absence due to bad weather.

November 20, 1849
This is a meeting of the teachers.

February 12, 1850
Teacher's meeting. A Bible class is formed.

More accounts of the Sabbath School and Bible class follow.
They record number of volumes in library, titles and costs; subscriptions; contributions and names.

End of the minute book
3 entries about a Christmas Show (1870) the purchase of a Melodian, and a list of S.S. officers (1875), respectively.