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Memos to service center coordinators re field service goals, April 27, 1984; implications for negotiations after legal cases including Sweet Home decision (attached), June 9, 1983; new presidents conference, June 5, 1983; BOCES promotional brochure (copy attached), June 1, 1983; text of U.S. Supreme Court decision, Connick v. Myers, and summary of Smith v. Wade, with cover letter from Jim Conti recommending that all field representatives read them for relevance to public employees' First Amendment rights, May 27, 1983; memo from Jim Conti re New York Times article re voluntarism as means of reducing the public workforce, May 23, 1983; request for suggestions for any changes to arbitration summary sheets, used for inputting information to database, May 18, 1983; suggested contract provisions to be used when negotiating for check-off for NYSUT Benefit Trust, May 10, 1983; photocopy of report by National Commission on Excellence in Education to the Secretary of Education, "A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform," April 26, 1983; New York Times article on reaction by Al Shanker, May 1, 1983, with cover letter from Jim Conti, calling the report "the biggest thing that's happened to education in the United States since Sputnik," with potential to create some of the biggest problems; confidential memo soliciting comments re next PSA contract, April 28, 1983; memo from R. I. Allen soliciting budget requests, noting planned purchase of microcomputers for each office, April 19, 1983; request from the Guam Federation of Teachers for information re potential arbitrator from New York, Don Mullaney, March 31, 1983; memo re new AFT guidelines for expense reimbursement, April 14, 1983; memo from Jim Conti announcing that he had returned and would be visiting regional offices, April 13, 1983; memo re accounting procedure for billing, April 8, 1983; memo with attached material re efforts to contain health insurance costs, April 7, 1983; brochure by the NYS Bar Association, The Clients' Security Fund, re agency established by NYS to provide a remedy of last resort for victims of dishonest attorneys, with cover memo, March 31, 1983; memos requesting confirmation of local welfare funds, March 1983; memo requesting early notification of any legal problems, March 24, 1983; memos re various staff training programs, including brochure for NYSUT Effective Teaching Program; NYSUT Information Bulletins re 1983-84 school calendar and regulations re length of school day, NYS Health Insurance Program; memo re coordination of distribution of materials to locals; memo re accounting procedure for workshops, January 4, 1983; memo re statewide health insurance, November 23, 1982, with attached Memorandum of Understanding between the State of New York and Public Employees Federation (PEF) requiring employee contribution to plan; memos re stationery, business cards, reporting absences or overtime, other housekeeping items; memo to general counsels and coordinators re recent Triborough legislation re categories qualifying for Improper Practice charges, September 15, 1982; memo asking for status of organizing efforts for per-diem substitutes, September 14, 1982; list of dates for potential AFT staff assignments by regional office, September 10, 1982; memo re upcoming meeting to discuss strategies for input into a Regents-authorized study of salaries at schools for children with handicapping conditions (Special Act Schools and 4201 and 853 Schools), August 24, 1982; memo reminding coordinators that phone banks should be re-established in anticipation of political activities, July 27, 1982; confidential memo from Jim Conti to coordinators asking for close cooperation with coordinator of organizing, John O'Leary, outlining procedure, January 28, 1982

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