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Church Book, (1804-1846) [series]:
Contains minutes of monthly covenant quarterly church and sporadic special meetings which dealt with church membership, discipline, pastorship, and finance. Located prior to the minutes in this volume is: a catalogue of members (February 1838); a treasurer's account of money collected for the Baptist Missionary Society of Marion listing names and amounts (n.d.); the church's. Platform and Confession of Faith; and a record of deaths (I8l4-l8, 1835-38). Minutes commence on January 9, 1804. Items of note, with the exception of disciplinary cases and revivals which are too numerous to note, follow:

January 9, 1804
Doctrinal questions are discussed, male and female members are listed 97 P. with note as to whether they died or were dismissed, and a list of members dismissed from the Baptist Church in Palmyra to form this church.

March 11, 1808
Delegates sent to the formation of a church in Sodus.

March 9, 18l6
Policy on adultery and remarriage of the innocent party.

August 9/1817
Member expelled for joining a pedobaptist church.

October 18, 1815
(out of order) an ordination is planned.

April 12, 1818
Bro. expelled for pedobaptist beliefs.

Sept. -Dec; 1830

January 27, 1821
Doctrinal disagreement over the Trinity

July 14, 1821
Bro. expelled for anti-trinitarian beliefs.

November 16, 3J822
Sr. recalls her baptisms into the Arian Church (Christian Society .

August 7, 1824
The church begins plans to build a church.

September 1826
The church votes to call itself "Baptist Church at Marion"

December 23, 1826
Bro. expelled for bigamy.

Long controversy over the theft of a shawl.

Feb. -Apr. 1828
Nov and almost every winter until the Civil War occur large numbers of baptisms.

August 1828
Anti-Hasonry resolution and another resolution to build a meeting house.

April 1829
Bro. dismissed for being a Mason.

August 1829
Voted to petition the Commissioner of Highways to lay a road to the meetinghouse.

September 1829
First communion in the new meetinghouse.

November 21, 1829
Voted to adopt the resolution passed by the Whitesborough Conference in relation to Freemasonry.

August 1834
Voted to leave the Ontario Baptist Association to join the Wayne Baptist Association.

March 26, 1836
A letter is sent to Elder Weaver approving his course in managing protracted meetings.

March 11, 1837
Former member of the Walworth Free Will Baptists joins the church.

July 27, 1837
A resolution on home and foreign missions is passed in response to a letter from the American and Foreign Bible Society.

August 1838
Council called to try a former minister. Discussion continues from January - August.

August 1, 1840
Membership of 188 is reported.

January 1, 1842
Brother is expelled for his "infidel" principles.

August 1843
Anti-Slavery resolution. The church has 332 members.

March 7, 1843
Minutes end.