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Record Book [series]:
Contains the records of covenant meeting minutes which contain accounts of disciplinary cases; the elections of elders, deacons, and trustees; the admission and dismission of members; a controversy about how much authority elders should have. The only business recorded after 1830 is the election of trustees. The following are items of note:

December 18-30, 1813
A (Difficulty between members was brought out and a special meeting was held to settle it.

September 17, 1814
A disorderly conduct charge was directed at a church member for drinking and fighting.

December 17, 1814
Charges of "disorderly walk," and "foolishly lying" were brought up at the meeting.

June 17, 1815
A member was dismissed for lewd behavior.

From 1816 to 1818
There is much turmoil within the congregation. Members were sent out to visit absent numbers and report back to the church. Some difficulties between church elders and church members. There are no specific reasons for the difficulties.

October 17, 1818 to May 19, 1821
Due to the lack of a letter of recommendation a debate began to decide whether the present preacher would continue to preach or not. Much dissension between church elders and church members arose. Some memers were dismissed, others were found "out of order" with the church. The argument against the preacher was over the Scriptures.

May 18, 1821
The authority of the church elders was challenged by church mem-beys when a discussion on "respecting the church's right to hold the authoritative right" of the lord was brought up.

From 1830-1924
Meetings were held annually to elect trustees.