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Page 1
Table of Contents, lists: quarterly conference of 1866, p. 2; revised alphabetical list, p. 34; baptisms, p. 208; marriages, p. 247; expulsions, p. 288; deaths, p. 325; Quarterly Reports, p. 368; probationers, p. 5; trustees, p. 7.

Page 2
Stewards names (1866-67), class leaders (1866-67), preachers names (1866-67), stewards names (1867-68), estimating committee members, corrected list for 1868-69 of stewards and leaders.

Page 4
Preacher's names and years in service.

Page 5
Probationers: year dates, date received, baptized, remarks.

Page 6
Trustees, 1866-69 (five names).

Page 8-10
Probationers, 1870 : when received, baptized, received in full, remarks.

Pages 11 through 28 are missing
It appears that they were never there and there was probably no information on them. The same L true of all the gaps in the Register (see below).

Page 29
Under the heading "Havana Station" are four entries regarding the size of church membership just before and after quarterly conference meetings held in 1850, 1851, 1852 and 1855.

Page 30
Register of classes: year dates and names of leaders, stewards, local elders and trustees.

Pages 31-33 are missing.
Page 34-207
Membership list: name, class number, received on probation, baptized, received in full, received by letter, removed by letter, removed withe letter, withdrawn, discontinued, expelled, died.

Page 208-209
Baptisms: by whom, when, name(s), whether adult or infant.

Pages 210 through 246 are missing.
Page 247-263
Marriages: names, where from, date, by whom.

Pages 264 through 287 are missing..
Page 288
Expulsions: only two names with dates, but no remarks

Pages 289 through 327 are missing.
Page 328
Deaths: date, name, remarks.

Page (no number)
"Annual Reports" of preachers expenses. 1849 and 1850 - Amounts listed for: adult claimant (s), table expenses and fuel, parsonage provided, travelling expenses, paid in full. 1 to 1854 - Amounts listed for: adult claimant (s), children under 5, children under 14, table and gravelling expenses, minister's salary paid in full.to 1855 - Amounts listed for: quarterly claims, table expenses, total, what amount paid, how much deficient in minister's salary.