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Parish Register, 1831-1837 . (Item 1)
Contains baptismal records (pp. 1-15) including names of individuals baptised, name of sponsors, date and location of baptism; confirmation records (pp. 70-73) including names of those confirmed, name of official performing the sacrament; list of communicants (pp. 140-163), marriage records (pp. 210-217), and burial records (pp. 270-279).

Parish Register, 1843-1870. (Item 2)
Contains a table of contents; baptismal records (pp. 60-117) listing the individual's name, date of birth, parents, witnesses and date of baptism; confirmation records (pp. 160-170) including name, date, and presiding bishop; list of communicants (pp. 171-193) including date of admittance, method of reception and where the individual was from, when and how the individual left the church; marriage records (pp. 269-299) including date and location of ceremony and names of the individual; and burial records (pp. 334-70) including date of burial, age of the individual and location of the burial.

Vestry Records, 1822-1906 . (Item 3)
Minutes of quarterly meetings record the organization of the society (April 8, 1822); names of wardens and vestrymen; attendance; pew rental records and discussion on how to collect overdue rent; records of hiring pastors, their names and salaries; the selection of delegates to the annual Protestant Episcopal Diocesean Conventions, the rebuilding of the church (1859), resolutions concerning clergy and members of the congregation; the churches financial difficulties in the l860-70's; Mrs. Jennie McGraw Fiske's bequest of $10,000 to the church including $5,000 for the Inlet mission, and telegrams received on the occasion of the death of Dr. lynnett on September 3, 1905.