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Church Meeting Minutes, July 3, 1807 - June 16, 1848 . Chronological, paginated (except between pp. 106-122). (Item 1)
Contents: Confession of Faith, Church Covenant (pp. 4-13), names of persons received as members and how received (by letter, certificate or examination), names of individuals who were baptised. The minutes of church meetings in this volume contain a letter to Rev. Samuel Parker requesting his services as a preacher, Church rules (pp. 26-27), examples of church discipline, Articles of Faith (pp. 28-33), a Church Covenant (pp. 33-35), names of persons dismissed and excommunicated. The volume also contains a record of a vote to join the Cayuga Presbytery (February 1815), the names of individuals suspended from the church, a decision to open a Sabbath school (May 1828), the namesof persons elected to the board of directors of the Sabbath school, a discussion on a protracted meeting held in Spencer, N.Y. (October 1837), the trial of a deacon who was excommunicated, several statistical and financial reports, and a decision to adopt the Articles of Faith and Covenant of the Ithaca Church (p. 282, May 1846).

Rear of volume contains: membership lists (1807-1848), a letter dated July 26, 1917, to the minister requesting information about a former member, and Baptismal Records (1813-1833).

Church Meeting Minutes, Sept. 5, 1847 - December 26, 1878 , Chronological, paginated. (Item 2)
Contents: Index, Articles of Faith and Church Covenant (pp. 1-5), names of persons admitted to the church (by letter, certificate or examination), names of individuals who received letters of dismission. Also included are statistical reports (number of members, deaths, baptisms, amounts collected for various causes), examples of church discipline, minutes from the annual meeting of the Presbytery held in Danby (May 1, 1850, p. 27), temperance resolutions (April 17, 1852), names of delegates to Presbytery meetings, names of persons elected deacons, record of a meeting held with the Congregational churches of Spencer and Candor and the Presbyterian churches of Ithaca and Newfield (February 1864), and a decision to discontinue affiliation with the Ithaca Presbytery and united with the Susquehanna Association (1867).

Rear of volume contains: record of contributions, baptismal records, membership lists, records of deceased members, records of dismissions, suspensions and excommunications.