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"Comprehensive Church Record of the Methodist Episcopal Church," 1882-1963 . [series]: (Item 3)
This volume contains a detailed history written October 23, 1885 covering the origins of Methodism in Mecklenburg and Mclntre Settlement (the "Old Ulysses Circuit"), with lists of preachers on the circuit and pastors on the Mecklenburg charge, and data on members, towns, other circuits, and area churches.

A second history, citing revivals in the Mecklenburg Methodist Episcopal Church in 18[88] and 1889, and brief entries made by subsequent pastors in 1914-1924, 1933, and 1963, follow. After the histories are seven sections of membership information under the following headings:

"Pastoral and Statistical Record" (1882-1962)
includes pastor's name, when appointed, estimated salary, salary received, probationers, deaths, local preachers, baptisms, church and real property values, benevolent contributions, and Sunday school statistics.

"Church Record of Official Members" (1882-1901)
lists names of trustees, stewards, class leaders, and Sunday school superintendants, and when they served.

"Class Records" (few dates)
lists class number, leaders and members, members' state in life and remarks (deaths, removals, dismissions, etc.)

"Probationers' Record" (1884-1905)
lists names, state in life, when and by whom received, class number, date baptized, residence, and how disposed of.

"Members in Full Connection" (1884-1905)
lists names, state in life, when and by whom received, class number and remarks (deaths, dismissions, removals).

"Marriage Record" (1882-1905)
lists dates, names of parties, residence, places of birth, occupations of males, ages, officiating minister, and remarks.

"Record of Baptisms" (1883-1905)
lists date, names, adult or infant, date of birth, parents' names, mode and place of baptism, officiating minister and remarks.