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Hymnbook, 1818 [series]:
This volume, written in fraktur with color illuminations contains the first lines of and the beginning of the melody of a number of hymns, psalms and traditional poems. These are arranged by alphabetical order of the first letter of the first word of each line. Within letter groupings the hymns are in random order, as apparently they were recorded at different times as they are rendered in different styles of notation, (note: In the German alphabet "I" and "J" are alphabetized interchangeably.) In addition to the microfilm copy there are color slides as follows:

"This harmonic treasury of melodies belongs to me, Samuel Fatzinger. If this book should be lost One can read my name here Done by me (myself) A.D. 1818" in an illuminated heart with flowers and a face. (Slide 1)
A circular chart of the keys showing 13 key signatures. (Slide 2)
A page of instructions on the values of notes, location of clefs, and intervals and a practice line with illumination. (Slide 3)
Illuminated "A" and psalms 119, 31 and 65. (Slide 4)
Illuminated "E," hymns and psalms 92 and 31, verse 6. (Slide 5)
Illuminated "P" and hymns. (Slide 6)
"T" illuminated with birds on both sides and hymns. (Slide 7)
Illuminated "W" with a verse about the wise men and the 1st psalm. (Slide 8)
(2 copies) Small illumination of a tree and hymns. (Slide 9)
Hymns illuminated with flowers. (Slide 10)
Hymns illuminated with a tree. (Slide 11)