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Records, 1813-1832 [series]: (Volume 1)
Page 1-2
The "Organization of the Congregation is related in parallel columns, German and English.

Page 3-5
Older copy of pp. 1-2.

Page 7-18
Articles of constitution.

Page 18-22
Signatures of founding members.

Page 23-24
Financial arrangements.

Page 24-26
Subscription list.

Page 28-31
List of names and positions. 1813-16, 21-31.

Page 34-42
List of baptisms includes names of the parents, of the Children, date born, date baptised and witnesses. 1826-1833.

Page 44-45
List of those continued, t62? .

Page 45-49
Communicants, 1827-1830

Page 50
Confirmation and communicants list, 1831.

Page 50-52
Communicants, 1831-32

Page 54-55
Communicants, 1813-14

Page 44-68
Lists of communicants and individuals confirmed, 1813-1832. (Not in sequential order.)

Page 69-72
Baptismal records, 1813-1816, 1820.

Page 73-86
List of baptisms includes parents, children, and witnesses. 1818-1832.

Page 88
List of communicants, April 7, 1827.

Page 89
List of communicants, October 21, 1827.

Page 90
List of those confirmed, April 4, 1828.

Page 91-94
List of communicants, n.d., 1828-1829.

Page 95
List of those confirmed, April 17, 1830.

Page 96-99
List of communicants, 1830-1831.

Page 100
List of those confirmed, April 28, 1832.

Page 101
List of communicants, April 29, 1832. [Note: pp. 100-101 are repeated.]

Page 102
List of communicants April 29, 1832.

Page 103
List of deaths including name of deceased, fatherland, date of death, and age.

The Seneca Association in Seneca Falls Township [series]: (Volume 2)
Churchbook of The Seneca Association in Seneca Falls Township, Seneca County in the State of New York. 1835-1852.

Page 1-2
Church history.

Page 2-4
Church Articles.

Page 4
Signatures of 25 men.

Page 20
Church officers (half in German, second half in English).

Page 25-26
Financial statements (1836-40).

Page 31-34
List of baptisms, includes name, date of birth and baptism, parents and sponsors, July 1833-March 1849.

Page 71
List of confirmations, 1836, 1840.

Page 101-118
Communicants, November 8, 1834 - November 1852.

Page 151
List of deaths includes name of deceased, fatherland, date of death, and age, 1835-1852.

Page 167-170
Pew rent list.

Page 52
January 10, 1842. Church meeting with election and financial report.

Page 53-55
Financial reports, 1842-1845, 1847-1850. Filming continues from rear of volume forward.

Page 3
Table of contents.

Page 4-6
Church council members.

Page 40-43
Baptisms, 1835-1844.

Page 67-81
List of those confirmed 1844-1852.

Page 69-84
Communicants, 1835-1852.

The German Reformed Church called Christ Church [series]: (Volume 3)
Church Record of The German Reformed Church called Christ Church in Fayette, Seneca County New York, 1847 . Contains miscellaneous trustee records including minutes, a subscription list, a copy of the constitution, and treasurer's reports dealing with the temporal affairs of the church including business, relations with the pastor, construction and maintenance of church property, the use of English in the church and union meetings between the German Reformed and Lutheran congregations.

Page 1, March 1, 1847
Minutes of meeting to incorporate and to elect trustees.

Page 2 March 6, 1474
Minutes commence.

Page 8-19 April 2, 1847
Constitution adopted. Facing pages in English and German, signed by male members.

Page 23-26
Subscription list.

April 2, 1858
Union meeting of the German Reformed and Lutheran congregations to investigate performing repairs to the meeting house.

May 27, 1852
For every 2 sermons in English, 1 will be preached in German.

Last entry in German.

January 7, 1863
A jubilee is planned for the church's 50th anniversary.

April 22, 1871
Celebration of Diedrich Willer's 50th year with the congregation.

March 1, 1874
All preaching will be in English except festival aids.

May 7, 1881
Diedrich Willers resigns. A resolution is made on his service.

Resolved to transfer to the East Susquehanna Classis.

Resolved to remodel the building.

[c. 1925]
Women begin to be elected officers.

February 1941
Last entry.

Loose papers. (No inclusive dates.) [series]: (Item #4)
Deed (1837) (Letter 1)
"Henry Singer - Deed -To the Trustees of the Lutheran and [?j Church," March 11, 1837.

List of names, unspecified, no date (Letter 2)
Note of receipt (June 24, 1908) (Letter 3)
Of Rev. Diedrich Willers' private record book by the Waterloo Historical Society. Gives his birth/death dates.

Notice of public sale (May 1, 1883) of church furniture. (Letter 4)
Affidavit or certification of a baptism ( n.d. , unsigned) performed by Rev. Diedrich Willers. (Letter 5)
Correspondence (Letter 6)
3 letters between James A. Hard, attorney (Rochester, N.Y.), and Mr. D. Willers (?), regarding the affidavit above. The first two are undated, the third is dated October 29, 1898.

"Payment of Church furniture etc. by the Ladies Society." (Letter 7)
"No dates; lists items and amounts.

Two pamphlets (Letter 8)
""Every Member Canvas" (no dates) , published by the Laymen's Missionary Movement.