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Loose papers. (No inclusive dates.) [series]: (Item #4)
Deed (1837) (Letter 1)
"Henry Singer - Deed -To the Trustees of the Lutheran and [?j Church," March 11, 1837.

List of names, unspecified, no date (Letter 2)
Note of receipt (June 24, 1908) (Letter 3)
Of Rev. Diedrich Willers' private record book by the Waterloo Historical Society. Gives his birth/death dates.

Notice of public sale (May 1, 1883) of church furniture. (Letter 4)
Affidavit or certification of a baptism ( n.d. , unsigned) performed by Rev. Diedrich Willers. (Letter 5)
Correspondence (Letter 6)
3 letters between James A. Hard, attorney (Rochester, N.Y.), and Mr. D. Willers (?), regarding the affidavit above. The first two are undated, the third is dated October 29, 1898.

"Payment of Church furniture etc. by the Ladies Society." (Letter 7)
"No dates; lists items and amounts.

Two pamphlets (Letter 8)
""Every Member Canvas" (no dates) , published by the Laymen's Missionary Movement.