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Book no. 1, Trustees Record Book March, 1843-1871 (Item 1)
Page 1
statement on formation, call to build a church, election of trustees

Page 2
subscription list

Page 3, July 1844
trustee's minutes commence. Resolution that the chapel shall not be opened for speaking on political parties

Page 4, Feb 1844
resolution that if the chapel is sold those who contributed toward it must be reimbursed

March 1845
3 recended

March 1849
resolved to insure the chapel, to build a sidewalk and culvert over ditches at the front of the lot

April 1855
voted to charge $5.00 to open the house of worship for mass meetings

May 1855

Apr. 15, 1869
The president and secretary are directed to take legal proceedings against all or some persons who forcibly entered the church.

June 10, 1869
request by Bro. Denning to use the church for a Quarterly meeting of those "claiming to be of the Wesleyan Church" denied

Sept. 10, 1869
resolved to protect the church property by having the church gate locked except during services and the classroom locked on Sunday and to buy furniture

Aug, 10, 1869
special election of 5 trustees in place of 5 who resigned

March 28, 1870
2 trustees elected

Jan. 9, 1871
begin to plan for a new church list of members of the Wesleyan Church (some marked with x's and dated, mostly 1869 printed roll of members notes, 2 trustees minutes, 1871

Book no.2, Proceedings of Monthly Business Meetings of the Church. May 1858-1863 (Item 2)
Page 1, May 1858
Proceedings of regular Monthly Meetings commence, resolved to hold only morning and evening services from now on, and to elect 5 stewards

Page 11, Sept. 1858
resolution disapproving of a brother who burned the church's accounts, plans for a "donation visit" are made

Page 27, Jan. 1859
many new members

Page 30, Feb. 13, 1859
many new members

Page 36, March 13, 1859
many new members, some baptised by immersion, some by sprinkling

Page 38, April 3, 1859
many new members, some baptised by immersion, some by sprinkling

Page 42, April 17, 1859
many new members, some baptised by immersion, some by sprinkling

Page 45, May 24, 1859
many new members, some baptised by immersion, some by sprinkling

Page 46, June 1859
trial for immoral behavior

Pages 62-63, Jan. 1860
charges of immorality brought

Page 69
sisters are elected stewards resolution forbidding the use of the church to unorthodox ministers

Page 73
requested that Sister Wright take charge of the communion service

April 1861
bro. feels that the church and the U.S. Constitution are incompatible and withdraws

Feb. 1862
sister expelled for immorality

Book no. 3, Regular Monthly Meeting Book, 1863-1870 (Item 3)
Sept. 1863
charge against a Member for immorality

July 1864
a "festival" (ice cream social is planned, (earned $176.27)

Sept. 1865
resolved to buy an organ to replace the melodian

Dec. 1865
a parsonage is purchased

many records illegible

Oct. 1869
resolution to form an executive committee to take over membership duties

March 1 1869
the group begins to call itself a society

Apr. 1869
resolution changing the name to the First Congregational Church

Dec. 6 1869
new trustees elected in place of those who had left the church

Book no. 4, 1869-1874 (Item 4)
Apr. 12, 1869
resolution calling for the termination of the Pastor's duties to the congregation

Apr. 19, 1869
executive committee dissolved, stewards, treasurer and clerk dismissed, members dropped by the executive committee restored

May 17, 1869
recommended to consult a lawyer regarding the removal of the trustees and obtaining an injunction forbidding the trustees from paying the minister

Nov. 1, 1869 - Nov.1, 1870
in book 3

April 1869-July
in Book 3 expurged

March 21, 1870
minutes continue

Aug. 4, 1872
Bro. involved with the Odd Fellows agrees to leave the organization rather than be expelled

May 11, 1874
discussion on getting a lecturer on Free Masonry (C.A. Blanchar agreed to allow the Women's Temperance Movement to hold prayer meetings in the church. Five delegates appointed to attend the Syracuse meeting of the Christians opposed to Secret Societies Trustee Records commencing Apr. 5, 1871 discuss construction of the church

May 4, 1872
a list of probationers and members

Book no. 5, Trustees Records, 1880-1913 (Item 5)
"Book for Recording the doings of the Board of Trustees of Wesleyan Methodist Church Commencing 1880"

May 3, 1860
Seneca County Christian Association opposed to Secret Societies is granted permission to use the lecture room

July 7, 1880
Permission granted for use of the lecture room for a lecture to ladies on health

Apr. 28, 1912
renters of the parsonage are given notice to leave since they drink beer bills for hardware dated 1907

Book no.6, Church Register (Item 6)
Jan. 27, 1887
first entry

Jan. 28, 1887
resolution on the membership of Mrs. Susie Palmer membership book purchased because of a resolution passed July 6, 1874

Pages 2-15
lists name, received (when, how), dismissed (when, how)

Page 16
baptisms, none listed

Pages 17-22
roll of probationary members

Book no. 7, "Clerk's Records", May 1874-1880 (Item 7)
May 11, 1874
Voted to try to get the Saturday morning class to organize

Page 1, May 4, 1874
list of trustees for 1872-77 and stewards

Page 6, May 11, 1874
church to offer a place for the Women's Temperance movement to hold weekly prayer meetings appointment of 5 delegates to attend the National Christian Association opposed to Secret Societies meeting in Syracuse

Page 18, Aug. 3, 1874
members arrange to attend the Rochester Conference Camp Meeting

Page 20
special meeting to devise ways and means of finishing the church

Page 45, Dec. 7, l874
resolved to cease offering space for meetings to the Women's Temperance Movement because it refuses to identify itself as a Christian organization

Dec. 5, 1875
appointment of delegates to the Anti-Secret Societies convention and to take a collection for the state agent

Jan. 1, 1876
discussion of the resolution concerning the word "Christian" in the Women's Temperance Movement

Feb. 7, 1876
2 men are appointed to protect the church from unruly young men and boys

Apr. 3, 1876
resolution commending the pastor for his services is lost

June 1876
Women's Temperance Union Resolution recended, they can meet in the church

Sept. 4, 1876
report of the examining committee dealing with the unity of the church and its members

Oct. 2, 1876
the pastor states his reason for wishing to leave

Apr. 23, 1988
Annual Report to the Conference. Such reports occur every April from now on

Nov. 5, 1877
motion on having an anti-tobacco sermon

Apr. 1, 1878
resolved that the church opposes appropriating money from the Missionary Fund to any church in Farmington, N.Y.

July 1, 1878
plans to have a raspberry festival

March 10, 1870
George P, Seekill wrote to the church about his legal difficulties

March 10, 1879
member dismissed for Unchristian conduct and breaking Ecclesiastical Law

Miscellaneous papers tipped in the church record books (Item 8)
Contains receipts (1879, 1901), lists of members (1901, 1911), 2 certificates of dismission from Christ Church in Fayette, and a subscription list (1875) for completing construction of the church.