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Parish Register, 1817-1878 , Chronological, paginated (Item 1)
Contains: Baptismal records (1839-59, 33 pp.) including date of baptism, individual's name, parents' name, date of birth; Marriage records (1834-59, 20 pp.); Funeral records (1834-59, 18 pp.); Confirmation records (1836-59, 9 PP.); Communicant records (l834-59, 28 pp.); Alphabetical membership list (38 pp.); pew slip subscription records (1842-49); public notices from the vestry; letters to the vestry (including a resignation letter from the Rev. M urdy, August 1850); list of wardens and vestrymen (1817-78); records of cash received at communion collections (1835-37); index (p. 4l7).

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Annual Meetings, Warden's and Vestry Meeting Minutes, November 1817 - June 1847 , Chronological, not paginated (Item 2)
Minutes contain: record of the organization of the church and society (1817); names of the original wardens and vestrymen; purpose of annual meetings and the dates when they are to be held; baptismal records (1834-35); names of persons elected wardens and vestrymen; decision to erect a meeting house (1820) and specifications for it; names of persons appointed to the building committee; decision to sell pew slips to pay for the new church; names of persons elected clerks; discussion to determine whether or not the Methodist Episcopal Church should be allowed to hold a protracted meeting in St. Paul's Church (1832); decision to procure a sexton (1835); records of pew slip payments (1839); Church By Laws (April 1839); record of the values of specific pews; and a diagram showing the arrangement of the pews.

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Vestry Meeting Minutes, June 30, 184? - May 6, 1878 , Chronological, not paginated (Item 3)
Minutes contain: decision not to charge pew-rent to those who could not afford it; names of persons elected wardens; names of persons elected vestrymen; names of persons elected treasurer; names of persons elected clerk; decision to pay ministers and collect pew-rent on a quarterly basis; decision to insure the church building (1848); vote to increase the number of vestrymen; decision to place the town clock in the church tower; Church By Laws (May 1851); decision to purchase a parsonage (1852); reports on the Parish School (beginning in 1852); names of persons appointed delegates to the annual Diocesan Convention; discussion regarding the building of the new church (1860); decision to hire an architect to build the new church (September l86l); description of the laying of the cornerstone, and the articles placed in it; decision to take out a life insurance policy on the rector to benefit his wife (May 1867); discussion on the formation of a new Diocese (October 1868); pamphlets from the Annual Diocesan Conference held in Waterloo (January 1875); discussion to determine what to do with 15 acres of land donated to the church.

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Church and Parish School Cash Book, 1849-57, 1879-81 , Chronological, paginated (Item 4)
Contains: records of expenditures for the Parish School (teacher's salaries, coal, wood, blackboards) and the church; records of payments to the church and school; names of persons who took subscriptions on the school and the amount of the subscription; rules concerning discipline in the school; the annual rectors report on the school; a weekly report card; list of students (December 1879, p. 63); reports from the school preceptress; resolutions concerning salary and tuition.

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Account Book, 1852-1892 , Chronological, paginated (Item 5)
Contains: index; names of persons on the rent roll; records of Parish School House subscriptions, brief history of the Parish School (pp. 15-16); treasurer's reports on the school; record of the cost of building the new church (1866); records of Parish School House Fund.

  Reel 2  
Records of the Ladies Sewing Society, 1837-38 , Chronological, not paginated (Item 6)
Contains: names of members; records of money received; constitution; records of payment of initiation fees; records of money received from sales; records of expenditures.