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Lyons was visited by the Methodist circuit riders David Dunham and Benjamin Bidlack as early as 1789 and activity there continued regularly after that. In 1803 a log house and lot was purchased for the site of the first church in Lyons - the Methodist Episcopal Church of lyons, a name it retained through the 19th century. In July 1810 the Genesee Conference was organized at the store-house of Daniel Dorsey, a prominent member of the parish. Gideon Draper was the presiding elder, Francis Asbury the presiding bishop.

In 1810 it vas voted to sell the old meeting house and $743.96 was raised to construct a new church which vas usable by 1813 and completed in I8l8. This structure vas demolished in 1851 and a nev building constructed. The debt from this church vas not paid until 1857.