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Church Register, 1852-1874 (Item 1)
[Blank pages were not filmed.]

Pages 1-5
Information on the construction of the church in 1874. Partially illegible statement on the 1872 incorporation. Record of Baptisms containing date, name of persons baptised, (whether infant or adult), residence, officiating minister, and witnesses for Sept. 1852-1874.

Pages 6-13
Removed from the volume.

Pages 57-68
Record of Marriages containing date, name of parties, residences, place of marriage, officiating minister, and witnesses covering Sept. 1852-74,

Pages 69-70
Ontario Circuit Genesee Conference Preachers and Elders, 1815-46.

Pages 97-108
Record for Probationers listing date, name, condition, age, residence, class leader, and remarks for 1851-1855.

Pages 181-238
Alphabetical list of members contains name, residence, time and mode of joining, class leader, and remarks, c. 1851-1855*

Pages 315-350
Periodicals list includes subscribers, residence, date of subscription, and when terminates for The Church Advocate and Journal, The Ladies Repository, The Northern Christian Advocate, and The Sunday School Advocate.

Pages 340-351
List of local preachers giving name, residence, remarks, with stewards, their residences, and class leaders and their residences.

Pages 352
List of unidentified names.

Record of Baptisms (Item 2)
Pages 5
Name of subscribers who contributed towards the purchase of this volume.

Pages 6-15
July 1859 - August 1869. Contains name, date of birth, residence, officiating minister, witnesses. (Shows large numbers of baptisms at some dates, possibly indicating revivals).

Pages 54-65
Marriages, October 1860 - Lists date, name of parties, residence, place of marriage, officiating minister, and witnesses.

Pages 86-101
Record for Probationers February 1861-1870 lists date, name, condition, residence, class leader, and remarks. (Illegible in places).

Pages 102-123
July 1870 list of members with residences and remarks.

Pages 130-137
August 12, 1877 list of members with residence and remarks, class leader.

Pages 138-

Pages 165
1860 list of pastor, preachers, exhort er, stewards, leaders broken down by locality.

Pages 166-210
Alphabetical list of members listing residence, time and mode of joining, class leader and remarks.

Pages 212-236
Additional membership list. Classes listing leader, when meets, members names, and remarks.

Pages 286-91
Centenary Society, membership list, n.d.

"A Record Book; Belonging to the Trustees of the First Society ofthe Methodist Episcopal Church of Pultneyville." 1850-51, 58, 60-6l, 1889, 1893, 1894, 1900 . Unpaginated, chronological order. (Item 3)