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Pocket Diary for 1865
Contents: The diary starts out on Sunday, January 1st and there is mention of a Rev. Hitchcock preaching. Most of the winter he attended school where he did well, saw his best friends, the Colemans, bought "dride appals and got 12 cents and 1/2 per pound there was 477 pounds $59.62" with his "Pa" in Trumansburg and wrote about heavy snow and other weather. He mentioned his mother and brothers and sisters, Helen, Robert, Ida, and Lewis. His chores consisted mainly of thrashing flax which he often stayed home from school and church to do. He often missed Sunday meetings because of visitors who were frequently in his home. He mentions his own sheep who gave birth a few times during the early spring, his grandpa's death on March l4th, and building fires at the schoolhouse.