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"Trustee Record of the First M.E. Church of Waterloo", 1843-1872 , Chronological, not paginated (Item l)
This volume includes both meeting minutes and accounts of church collections and expenditures.

Meeting minutes (September 11, 1843 to November 11, 1872) note trustee action on election of board members (who were also class leaders in this congregation) and church officers, insurance for the church, church maintenance, purchasing and selling property, and raising funds for the church. Specifics of the various resolutions were apparently kept on separate file as the bulk of the entries refer to a motion by a particular individual and pursuant action without noting the particular subject or sense of the motion.

The church resolved to erect an edifice on September 18, 1843 and to alter and enlarge their structure on December 13$ 1859. Church trustees were elected by "Male members of full age" as in the entry of October 20, 1845 and included in the process a pro forma discussion of voting qualifications, the specifics of which are not included. Financial concerns of the church are addressed throughout the minutes, examples being the citation of three members on May 7, 1855 to show why they failed to pay a church assessment, and a resolution of November 16, 1857 to negotiate a $250.00 loan to pay off the church's debts.

The trustees' accounting of church collections and expenditures were organized with collections on a left hand page and expenditures on the right. Two pages preceding the meeting minutes cover the years 1873. After the minutes is a single page list entitled "Inventory of Parsonage Furniture belonging to the Methodist E Church of Waterloo taken 22 Feb 1871." Following this page, in imperfect chronology are financial accounts of the years 1844 to 1866, as follows: 1859-1866 (26 pp.), 1844-1847 (12 pp.), and 1855-1858 (12 pp.).

Membership Register, l86l-l868 , Arranged by subject, not paginated (Item 2)
Membership list 71 pp.
Arranged alphabetically, with columns "Names," "When and How Recv," "When and How Dismissed." After each alphabetical page are two pages of revisions, and second of each set entitled "Register Revised August 1868."

"Probationers of 1864 "
1 p. Columns: "Names," (date) Received," (date) "Baptised." Lists 25 persons.

"Probationers of 1865 "
1 P. Untitled columns include names, date and disposition. Lists 6 persons.

"Probationers of 1866 "
Begun on same page as previous list, carrying over to next two pages, same columns, lists 72 persons.

Revised membership list
1p., from August 1868 , letter Z.

"Marriages for 1865-1866 "
1 p. Columns for names, dates and witnesses (witness column filled only in one case) lists nine marriages.

"Baptisms of Infants of 1866 & 1867 "
1p., no entries.