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From Philip Nearpass (Camp Sache ? ") to Libbie Nearpass. June 17th, 1863 . (Letter 1)
Some mention of his duties as soldier.

From Philip Nearpass ("Camp near Winchester") to Libbie Nearpass. August 11, 1863 . (Letter 2)
Asks welfare of family and friends including Elbridge Austin who was also a Union soldier.

From Philip Nearpass ("Paint Rock, Ala.") to Libbie Nearpass. December 23, 1863 . (Letter 3)
Mentions some heavy fighting and some names of cities such as Athens (no state name) that his regiment has passed through. He has become acting orderly sargeant.

From Jacob Wentzel ("Camp near Washville, Tenn.") to Libbie Nearpass. December 16, 1864 . (Letter 4)
Answering Libbie 's inquiry as to what happened to the photographs Philip had made of himself, he explains how they were lost in battle. There are other names written in various places on the letter presumably not part of its original contents, such as Delia Austin, E.G. Austin, and Henry Miller, with much scribbling and figuring in the margins.