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Methodist Episcopal Church of Ovid, New York [series]: (Item 1)
Records, 1803-1977 .

Book I: History, 1793-1880 . [subseries]:
1. History, 1793-1868
Written by M.S. Leet on April 17, 1868. He recorded the names of circuit preachers and the years they served in Ovid, revivals and who led them, the changes in Ovid's position as part of either the Geneva or Elmira District, and Ovid's position in one circuit or another. There were many revival uring the period 1829-1868.

2. History, Oct. 11, 1876 to Sept. 15, 1877
By J.W. Steele, dated Sept. 15, 1871. entry is about the conflict and controversy between the church administration and the congregation over the $9,010 debt against the new church and parsonage uildings (begun in 1867, as recorded in part 1 above). They were able to regain he buildings after selling the mortgages, and paid the debt by acquiring new members and increased subscriptions after a protracted meeting and revival.

3. History
This entry records the decision of a quarterly conference meeting held September 25, 1878 to strike a sentence in J.W. Steele's previous entry from the record. Signed by Manly S. [Hard], presiding Elder of the Elmira District, March 5, 1880.

4. History
This entry records the entire process of paying off the debt. Written by Calvin L. Connell, September 21, 1880.

5. History
This records a resolution of the Quarterly Conference to thank those who worked to pay off the debt. It is signed by Calvin L. Connell, September 22, 1880

6. Probationers, 1868-1880
Names, state in life, residence, when received, by whom, class joined, when and how baptized, when and how disposed of.

7. Class Records, n.d.
Class number, leader, when meets; names, state in life, residence, remarks.

8. Alphabetical Record of Members in Full Connection, 1863-1880
Names, state in life, when received, how received, by whom, class number, remarks.

9. Chronological Record of Official Members, 1872-1879
Name of officer, office held, who appointed, when removed, how removed, remarks.

10. Pastoral and Statistical Record, 1867-1878
Pastor's name, when appointed, when removed, estimated salary, salary received; Members: white or colored; Probationers: white or colored, deaths, local probationers; Baptisms: adult or child; Church Property: value and amount spent on improvements; Benevolent Contributions: conference claimants, missions, Bibles, Tract., Sunday School Union, miscellaneous; Sunday School Statistics: schools, officers, teachers, scholars volumes in library, Bible classes, expenses of school, Sunday School advocates taken, conversions.

11. Record of Baptisms, 1878-1880
date, names of parties, occupation of male, ages, officiating minister, remarks.

12. Three obituaries from Ovid Gazette.
Book II: History, cont., 1868-1905. [subseries]:
1. History, by Calvin L. Connell, dated Sept. 20, 1880.
Lists names of contributors and amounts of contributions to the church.

2. Probationers, n.d. (post 1880?).
3. Class Records, n.d. (post 1880?)
Same information as in Book I.

4. Alphabetical Record of Members in Full Connection, 1877-1898
Same information as in Book I.

5. Chronological Record of Official Members, 1879-1902
Same information as in Book I.

6. Pastoral and Statistical Record, 1877-1901
Same information as in Book I.

7. Record of Baptisms, 1878-1905
Same information as in Book I.

8. Record of Marriages., 1878-1905
Same information as in Book I.

Book III: Christian Endeavor Society. Secretary's Book, 1919-1948. [subseries]:
1. "Roll Call", n.d.
Alphabetical list of members, four pages.

2. Meeting minutes begin Nov. 8, 1919
In them are recorded date, committee reports, election of officers, social functions organized and collections taken.

Book IV: Funerals and Marriages, 1945-1951. [subseries]:
In alphabetical order with dates and names.

Book V: Membership Roll, 1946-1956. [subseries]:
1. Membership roll
Lists family name, occupation of family head, name of same, address, full name, when and how received, other members in family, birth date, date of baptism, church school and change in status.

2. Baptisms
Lists family name, Christian name, father and mother's full names, date and place of birth, adult/child/infant, place of baptism, officiating minister and change in church relationsip.

3. Membership continued, as above.
Book VI: Membership cont., 1956-1977. [subseries]:
Lists number, name, address, manner of reception, date of enrollment and disposition of membership.

First Presbyterian Church of Ovid, New York. Records. [series]: (Item 2)
History: In 1800 Rev. John Linsey organized a Presbyterian Church in Ovid while on a four month mission for the General Assembly. The church came under the Oneida Presbytery, but was soon after moved to the Geneva Presbytery. It requested dismissal from this organization sometime in 1802 to join the classis of the Reformed Dutch Church. In 1803, the Oneida Presbytery issued a commission for the organization of a church in Ovid, and in the same year Jedediah Chapman organized the First Presbyterian Church of Ovid, consisting of 20 members. From 1803 to 1817 it was called the "Seneca Church." It is probable that the First Presbyterian Church had succession in the "True Reformed Dutch Church" of Ovid.

Scope: The First Presbyterian Church records in this part of the collection (1803-1856) are in Part II Books 1-V in the table of contents. From 1803-1817 known as The Seneca Church of Ovid.

Book I: History, 1803-1832 . [subseries]:
1. "Records of The Seneca Church of Ovid"
Confession of faith; covenant of faith members: male and female.

2. Session minutes, [l810]-1832.
Records elections of officers; admissions and dismissals of members.

3. List of Church Members:
when received, names, remarks.

4. Record of Baptisms
date, names of children and parents.

5. Record of Deaths
no names or information.

6. Record of Marriages
no heading. Shows dates, names, and residences.

Book II: History, 1832-1864 . [subseries]:
1. Table of contents:
Records, p. 5.
Catalogue of Members, p. 232.
Catalogue of Baptisms, p. 264.
Catalogue of Dismissions, p. 200.

2. History, written in 1832
no author.

3. Session minutes 1832-?
records admissions and dismissals, some hearings conducted on charges made by church members against other members (for example, a long hearing recorded on pp. 70-79 dated Aug. 9, 1844).

4. Membership (begins p. 210)
Amended List of 1858: when received, names, remarks.

5. Membership (page 232)
date, name, remarks.

6. Baptisms (page 264)
date, name, parents' names, child or adult.

7. Dismissals (page 300)
date, name, where removed.

Book III: Trustee's Book, 1849-1897 . [subseries]:
Meeting minutes record appointments of officials, financial information on church property, collection of subscriptions and pew rent and how to get people to pay subscriptions.

Book IV: Trustee's Book, 1894-1946 . [subseries]:
1. Meeting minutes begin Nov. 24, 1894.
In them are recorded date, members present, committee reports, election of trustees, resolutions passed and budget concerns. Last entry is dated August 2, 1946.

2. Trustee's Lists
years elected and removed.

3. Will of John H. Sutton, n.d.
4. Treasurer's report of The First Presbyterian Women's Association, n.d.
Book V: Trustee's Book, 1950-1957 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Minutes begin January 16, 1950. Content same as Book IV, with an emphasis on church property maintenance. Last entry is dated January 7, 1857.

Federated Church of Ovid, New York. Records. [series]: (Item 3)
History: In 1956, the boards of trustees of the Methodist Church and the First Presbyterian Church joined to form the Federated Church of Ovid.

Scope: The records i this part of the collection (1803-1965) are books VI through X. Book VI is a trustee's book (1956-1965) of the Federated Church, Book VII is a Membership Register (1803-1869), and Books VIII, IX and X are also membership registers (n.d.), all for the First Presbyterian Church of Ovid.

Book VI: Trustee's Book, 1956-1965 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Titled "Minutes of Trustees and Finance Committee of the Federated Church of Ovid to be called from here on 'Federated Board of Trustees.'" Contents same as Books IV and V in Item Two. The following items are of note:

Page 1, Aug. 27, 1956.
Minutes begin.

Page 101, Jan. 9, 1966
Last entry.

Page 120, 1960, 1961,
Lists of trustees.

(tipped in), Jan. 1969-Jan. 1970
"Calendar dates,", typed.

Book VII: Membership, 1803-1866 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Lists date of admission, name, wife or widow of, how received, when baptized, married and remarks. Note: 1803-1810 all information except names is unknown. The following items are of note:

Page 14, Jan. 8, 1831
13 added on examination.

Page 27-28, April 2, 1853
33 added on examination.

Page 30, April 10, 1858
17 added on examination.

Page 32-33, April 9, 1859
21 added on examination.

Book VIII: Membership, cont., 1864-1902 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Contents same as Book VII. The following items are of note:

Page 4-5
Directions for making entries.

Page 6
Index to contents.

Page 7-80, 1864-1902
Alphabetical list of members: gives name and page reference.

Page 82-119, 1864-1902
Chronological Register (membership lists): gives names of resident members, when and how received, when baptized, wife or widow of, remarks.

Page 98-99, Feb. 25, 1877
47 added on examination.

Page 106-107, Jan. 15, 1887
26 added on examination.

Page 152, 1864-1865
Deaths and dismissions: gives name, date removed or died, where removed. (2 pages)

Page 223-233, 1864-1902
Infant baptism: lists date, name, birthdate, parents' names, remarks.

Page 275-278, 1864-?
Marriages: lists date, names, witnesses, remarks.

Page 319-324, 1810-1900
Elders: records date chosen, name, date of ordination, remarks.

Page 325-326, 1810-1859
Deacons: records date chosen, name, date ordained, remarks.

Page 329-330, 1849-1864
Pastors: lists date installed, names, remarks.

Page 331-336, 1811-1826
Deacons: as above. [Note: pages missing between 331 and 336.]

Book IX: Membership cont., 1887-1945 [subseries]:
The following items are of note:

Page 13, n.d.
Class record: lists number, names, time of class, location.

Page 18-173, 1887-1945
Alphabetical record of members in full connection: lists name, state in life, when and how received, by whom received, when and how removed, class number, remarks.

Page 178-191, 1904-1940
Probationers: lists name, state in life, when received, by whom received, when baptized, class number, when and how disposed of.

Page 258-265, 1906-1940
Marriages: lists date, name and residence of man, name and residence of woman, officiating minister, remarks.

Page 282-317, 1906-1940
Baptisms: lists date, name, adult or infant, parents' names, birthdate, place of baptisms, officiating minister, remarks.

Book X: Membership cont., 1889-1931 . [subseries]:
The following items are of note:

Page 1, 1811-1836
Pastors: lists name, when installed, dismissed or died.

Page 2-3, 1810-1920
Elders: lists name, when ordained/installed, removed or died.

Page -, 1821-1852
Deacons: same as above (one page).

Page 18-135, 1877-1929
Communicants: lists name, date and manner received, when and how removed, died, remarks.

Page 136-161, 1889-1930
Marriages: lists name and residence of man, same for woman, date, witnesses.

Page 213-227, 1889-1931
Deaths: lists name, date, remarks.

At end of volume, n.d.
Certificate of baptism.