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Federated Church of Ovid, New York. Records. [series]: (Item 3)
History: In 1956, the boards of trustees of the Methodist Church and the First Presbyterian Church joined to form the Federated Church of Ovid.

Scope: The records i this part of the collection (1803-1965) are books VI through X. Book VI is a trustee's book (1956-1965) of the Federated Church, Book VII is a Membership Register (1803-1869), and Books VIII, IX and X are also membership registers (n.d.), all for the First Presbyterian Church of Ovid.

Book VI: Trustee's Book, 1956-1965 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Titled "Minutes of Trustees and Finance Committee of the Federated Church of Ovid to be called from here on 'Federated Board of Trustees.'" Contents same as Books IV and V in Item Two. The following items are of note:

Page 1, Aug. 27, 1956.
Minutes begin.

Page 101, Jan. 9, 1966
Last entry.

Page 120, 1960, 1961,
Lists of trustees.

(tipped in), Jan. 1969-Jan. 1970
"Calendar dates,", typed.

Book VII: Membership, 1803-1866 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Lists date of admission, name, wife or widow of, how received, when baptized, married and remarks. Note: 1803-1810 all information except names is unknown. The following items are of note:

Page 14, Jan. 8, 1831
13 added on examination.

Page 27-28, April 2, 1853
33 added on examination.

Page 30, April 10, 1858
17 added on examination.

Page 32-33, April 9, 1859
21 added on examination.

Book VIII: Membership, cont., 1864-1902 , (paginated). [subseries]:
Contents same as Book VII. The following items are of note:

Page 4-5
Directions for making entries.

Page 6
Index to contents.

Page 7-80, 1864-1902
Alphabetical list of members: gives name and page reference.

Page 82-119, 1864-1902
Chronological Register (membership lists): gives names of resident members, when and how received, when baptized, wife or widow of, remarks.

Page 98-99, Feb. 25, 1877
47 added on examination.

Page 106-107, Jan. 15, 1887
26 added on examination.

Page 152, 1864-1865
Deaths and dismissions: gives name, date removed or died, where removed. (2 pages)

Page 223-233, 1864-1902
Infant baptism: lists date, name, birthdate, parents' names, remarks.

Page 275-278, 1864-?
Marriages: lists date, names, witnesses, remarks.

Page 319-324, 1810-1900
Elders: records date chosen, name, date of ordination, remarks.

Page 325-326, 1810-1859
Deacons: records date chosen, name, date ordained, remarks.

Page 329-330, 1849-1864
Pastors: lists date installed, names, remarks.

Page 331-336, 1811-1826
Deacons: as above. [Note: pages missing between 331 and 336.]

Book IX: Membership cont., 1887-1945 [subseries]:
The following items are of note:

Page 13, n.d.
Class record: lists number, names, time of class, location.

Page 18-173, 1887-1945
Alphabetical record of members in full connection: lists name, state in life, when and how received, by whom received, when and how removed, class number, remarks.

Page 178-191, 1904-1940
Probationers: lists name, state in life, when received, by whom received, when baptized, class number, when and how disposed of.

Page 258-265, 1906-1940
Marriages: lists date, name and residence of man, name and residence of woman, officiating minister, remarks.

Page 282-317, 1906-1940
Baptisms: lists date, name, adult or infant, parents' names, birthdate, place of baptisms, officiating minister, remarks.

Book X: Membership cont., 1889-1931 . [subseries]:
The following items are of note:

Page 1, 1811-1836
Pastors: lists name, when installed, dismissed or died.

Page 2-3, 1810-1920
Elders: lists name, when ordained/installed, removed or died.

Page -, 1821-1852
Deacons: same as above (one page).

Page 18-135, 1877-1929
Communicants: lists name, date and manner received, when and how removed, died, remarks.

Page 136-161, 1889-1930
Marriages: lists name and residence of man, same for woman, date, witnesses.

Page 213-227, 1889-1931
Deaths: lists name, date, remarks.

At end of volume, n.d.
Certificate of baptism.