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Records of the Baptist Society of Williamson, December 12, 1826 - January 7, 1872 (Item 1)
Minutes of annual meetings, minutes contain: names of persons elected trustees; discussion concerning the construction of the meeting house (October 1827); names of persons chosen moderators; names of persons chosen clerks; record of the burning of the meeting house (February 1843) and consequent arrangements for the building of a new one.

Records of the Second Baptist Church of Williamson, February 24, 1821 - June 18, 1842 (Item 2)
Contains: list of original members in front of volume; minutes of covenant meetings containing names of persons admitted to the church; examples of the church acting as a disciplinary body; names of persons baptised; names of persons elected deacons; decision of church members stating that male members have special closed prayer meetings; minutes of a special meeting held vith sister churches to ordain pastors; discussion of church policy regarding Masons; names of persons suspended from the church for intemperance, adultery, neglect of church duties; use of profane language; vote of church membership to hold protracted meetings (January 1839 and April l84l); trial of Daniel Pappino, a church deacon in disagreement vith the church doctrine (September 1839 - November 30, 1839); record of a council meeting (December 29, 1840) called to settle personal disputes betveen the pastor and one of the elders.

Also included in the rear of the volume: Confession of Faith; Church Covenant; membership list. (Including dates of admission).

Records of the Baptist Church of Williamson, June 1842 - October 1872 (Item 3)
Volume contains: Confession of Faith, Church Covenant (front of volume); and minutes of covenant meetings.

Minutes contain: names of persons suspended from the church and the reasons why (intemperance, neglect of church, adultery, use of profane language, immoral conduct, unification with another church); names of persons given letters of dismission; names of persons admitted to the church; record of the burning of the meetinghouse (February 1843); record of a resolution passed regarding slavery (August, 1843); documentation of the trial of the Pastor (Elder Green-field) on churges including preaching the Second Advent doctrine, denial of church organization on the gospel plan, pursuing an unchristian course regarding slavery, influencing members to subscribe to resolutions that would divide the church (1845); resolution requesting the services of a missionary (1846); record of a Presbyterian becoming baptized and joining the church (June 1851 ); notations of names and dates of death of church members; record of an ordination service (1869).

Rear of the volume contains: membership lists (noting dates of admission, baptism, death and dismission); various letters of recommendation and dismission; copy of a certificate of fellowship; handbill announcing a church anniversary dinner; letters to the editor of a local newspaper.