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Record book, 1834-1889. (Item #1)
Contents: Minutes of trustees' and members' meetings. In December of 1832 a membership meeting was held to organize the society and elect trustees. No trustees' meetings were held between 1845 and 1849 but resumed in 1850 when they decided to repair the meeting house. Various decisions were made regarding subscriptions, pew rents, renting or buying, and the parsonage. In 1872, a committee of women was assigned the task of looking into renting "the Whittleton House" for the use of the pastor.

In 1874, the church was in debt and was forced to sell land. In 1877, they decided to incorporate into the "Ontario Baptist Church." In 1881, the church building was too dilapidated to be used for meetings and the trustees decided to sell this building and the surrounding land and to buy the proo-perty of the "Free Advent Church" in Ontario Village. The lists at the end of the volume include: a list of trustees with names and dates, beginning in 1834; a list of members with dates, beginning in 1832; a list entitled "Names of the proprietors of the Baptist meeting house," with dates, names, and amount of slip. A sheet is filmed at the end of the volume entitled "Names of the members of the Ontario Baptist Society and the time of becoming Such Formed the 29th day of December 1832." with dates and names.

Church covenant (undated). (Item #2)
Contents: This church covenant is a collective statement by all the members of the purpose of the church, the beliefs held by its members, and its social intentions. It includes such statements as an intention "to walk together in Christian love" etc. Later they state that they will "be just in our dealings, faithful in our dealings, faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment, to avoid all rattling backbiting and excessive anger to abstain from the sale and use of intoxicating drinks..."

Articles of practice (undated). (Item # 3)
Contents: Thirteen articles outlining the beliefs, practices, and duties of church members.

Society and annual meeting minutes, 1833-1884. (Item #4)
Contents: The meeting minutes record the regular proceedings of the society. In March of 1877, a notice of incorporation is included. The minutes are preceded by an acknowledgement of Joseph Carey Jr.'s residency in Wayne County, Jan. 1833.