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From Henry W. Sage & Co. (Ithaca, N.Y.) to Hiram White (West Cayuta, N.Y.). April 29, 1851. (Item 1)
Discusses payment of a note.

From Henry W. Sage (Ithaca, N.Y.) to Hiram White (West Cayuta, N.Y.). May 22, 1851. (Item 2)
Discusses payment for a horse.

Town of Cayuta, Schuyler County, N.Y., May 10, 1854. (Item 3)
License granted to Hiram White of Cayuta to sell liquor by the Commissioners of Excise. (two similar but not identical pcs.)

From Watson Harderbeyle, dealer in liquor (N.Y. City) to Hiram White (West Cayuta, N.Y.). March 3, 1855. (Item 4)
Discusses receipt of payment and wares on hand.

Record of indictment, September 3, 1855. (Item 5)
Of Hiram White for intoxication, Elmira, N.Y.; signed Hiram Potter, justice.

From J.M. Brown (Camp Seward, near Rockville, Maryland) to his wife. Dec. 1, l86l. (Item 6)
Discusses his clothing allotment, the weather, his duties and his salary. Back sheet contains a pencil sketch of the inside of his tent.

From Royal S. White (Alexandria, Va.) to William B. White. April 21, 1862. (Item 7)
Relates plans to travel down river to Ft. Monroe, discusses a shipment of souvenirs to Havanna, N.Y., and the possibility of being in the battle of Yorktowne.

From Herman Sawyer (Son-in-law of Hiram), (Newburn, N.C.), April 26, 1862. (Item 8)
To someone in care of William B. White, his brother-in-law, asking someone to care for his money.

From Captain G.V. White (Albany, N.Y.) to William White (Cortland, N.Y.). Dec. 17, l86l. (Item 9)
Discusses recruits and his situation.