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Promissory Notes, March 12, 1837 - August 5, 1854 , Chronological (Item 1)
Notes contain information regarding the amount to be paid, who the receiver is, and dates when payment is due.

Bank Notes, December 12, 1850 - June 18, 1872 , Chronological (Item 2)
Information on notes includes: date payment is due; who is to receive the payment; amount of payment; date of note; and name of bank issuing the note (Palmyra Bank at Newark and First National Bank of Newark).

Bills, November 7, 1838 - February 18, 1842 , Unarranged (Item 3)
Purchases noted on bills include cloth and various dry goods (ribbon, thread, lace). Records contain: amount of money due in various accounts; amounts owed to various persons and businesses; amounts received from various persons.

Advertisement, Undated (Item 4)
Advertisement illustrates Rowland's Automatic Gate. Information in ad copy includes: an explanation of figures; description of how to construct the gate; description of materials used in the gate's construction.

Correspondence (One Letter) , October 2, 1850 (Item 5)
Letter regarding details about the rental of a store (a Mr. Angell wishes to rent it from Hubbel Rowland). Mr. Angell is requesting that certain repairs be made to the premises before he lets them.

Legal Documents, April 8, 1839 -May 2, 1870 , Chronological (Item 6)
Includes: several Articles of Agreement regarding the sale of properties, an assessment and appraisal of Calvin Rowland's property (done posthumously); record of a final mortgage payment (dismissal of mortgage), lease on property rented by the Rowlands, protest from a notary concerning refusal of payment of a note, assignments of mortgage, heirs of Calvin Rowland valuation.

Bills of Lading from R.R. Companies, February 14, 1853 - ? (Item 7)
Includes: flier distributed by the R.R. Company (London & Port Stanley R.R. Co.) concerning conditions on which goods are conveyed, receipts for goods shipped by train, bills from the railroad for goods shipped, goods shipped include: barrels of apples, flour, wheat, cattle.

Bills, April 9, 1833 - July 22, 1867 , Chronological (Item 8)
Purchases itemized on bills include: stirrups, link chains, rope, pad hooks, ring bits, horse blankets, saddle trees, sheet iron, and other stable items; gin, mutton, salt, flour and other food items; shoes and boots for the family.

Leases, March 14, 1846 - February 4, 1874 , Chronological (Item 9)
Contents: Leases from property rented by the Rowlands to other families; amount of, the term of, and conditions of the rental. Properties leased include houses, stores and farms.

Receipts, September 1832 - June 1873 (Item 10)
Includes: receipts of payment from hardware stores (mainly Steele and Warren in Albany during the 1830's); receipts from saddlery shops, receipts of payments of court fees, receipts from the lumber yard; receipts from the Ontario and Livingston Mutual Insurance Co., receipts from the coal dealer, advertisement for a "fancy goods" store.