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Sermond Books, 1851-61 , all 32 pages. [series]: (Item #3)
(first on reel)

book 1
Discourse for 1851. Text: "Though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit." pp. 31-2 contains a list of Parochial Acts for 1857-61 with statistics for baptisms, communicants, confirmations, marriages, weekday services, and communion services.

book 2
Annual discourse for 1852 on the history of the church.

book 3
Annual discourse for 1853.

book 4
Annual discourse for 1854.

book 5
Annual discourse for 1855.

book 6
Annual discourse for 1856, containing instructions of record keeping.

book 7
The condition of the parish viewed spiritually, an address at Lent, 1856.

book 8
Annual discourse for 1857.

book 9
Annual discourse for 1858.

book 10
Annual discourse for 1859.

book 11
Annual discourse for 1860.

book 12
Annual discourse for l86l.

Parish Record of Zion Church, [series]: (Item #1)
clippings with a list of pastors, 1823-1895 .
infant and adult baptisms, 1823-72 .
confirmations, 1831-71 .
communicants, 1826-75 .
(Until 1827 names are listed, thereafter it is indicated whether the person died, was removed or suspended. The 1833 list indicated residences).

burials, 1828-72 .
Name, age, whether infant, and if so, parent's names are indicated.

ordinations, l834, 43 .
Vestry Records, 1832-1917 , Chronological, paginated. [series]: (Item #2)
Minutes of the vestry, wardens, and congregation's meetings contain attendance and subscription records, reports of the election of the wardens and vestrymen, planning and building new churches, appointment of sub-committees, employment of pastors, and financial information.