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Minute Book of the Farmington Temperance Society, 1833-44 and 1870-76 , Chronological, no pagination. (Item #1)
Illegible in places.

History and Contents: The Farmington Temperance Society vas formed on January 2, 1833 as auxiliary to the Wayne County Temperance Society. Minutes include the constitution, a list of 273 subscribers, and names of elected officers. On September 21, 1833 an address to "retailers of ardent spirits" vas prepared. In 1833 the society split, vith Macedon residents uniting themselves vith the Macedon Society in Wayne County, and the Farmington members becoming an auxiliary of the Ontario County Society. A nev constitution vas adopted then and again in 1844. Minutes vhich discuss arrangements for and reports of speakers and local resolutions end in 1844. In 1872 the volume becomes the property of the Nev Salem Branch of the Farmington Society and a nev constitution and by-lavs sure adopted. Folloving this group's minutes, vhich continue until 1876, are some receipts, a copy of "The Desert Place" vhich vas a tract produced by the Willard Tract Repository, some accounts and some unrelated geography notes.

Military Roll of the Town of Farmington, Ontario County, filed August 22, 1831 . (Item #2)
Contents: 2 pages instructions to the assessors. 9 pages records in roughly alphabetical order.

Miscellaneous Letters (Item #3)
Letter 1, February 9, 1830
"We the undersigned inspectors of Common Schools ..." Inspectors certification to the moral character and ability of Margaret Alien to teach. Greenfield, Saratoga County, N.Y.

Letter 2, November 9, 1859
"Friend and Brother ..." Bro. Barnes tells of a trip he plans to take, (slightly illegible).

Letter 3, March 1850
"Know all men by these here present ..." A statement of indebtedness by Nathaniel Elton and Samuel W. Nettleplace to George S. Alien.

Farm and Household account book of George S. Alien, 1845-74 , of Farmington. (Item #4)