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"Records of the Church of East Palmyra", 1817-1834 . no pagination, chronological arrangement. (Item 1)
Contents: Session minutes which record attendance, the election of deacons and elders, the examination of members prior to admission; church discipline on cases including intoxication, lying, swearing, quarreling, failure to attend worship services, working on the sabbath, not honoring the marriage vow, contention, running a bad house, and dancing. Minutes were read and approved by the Presbytery at regular intervals. Following the minutes is a copy of the Church Covenant and the Articles of Faith and a list of church members with dates of dismission or death. In 1817 the eastern part of the church split to form a separate church.

"Record of the Church of East Palmyra", 1834-1900 . irregular pagination, chronological arrangement of the minutes. (Item 2)
Contents: Session records, 1834-1900, contain material similar to that in the first volume. In 1834 there was a revival (pp. 2-21), and on Dec. 3, 1834 (p. 4) the church voted a commitment to temperance. On Feb. 1, 1847 (p. 40) there is a report to the Presbytery. Following the minutes are statistical reports to the Presbytery, 1857-60, "additions," 1898-99; dismissals, 1898-99; baptisms, 1898-99; deaths, 1898-99; and a list of contributions to Benevolent enterprises by the church, 1855-98. In the back of the volume is a list of names of members of the church containing name, death date, date of admission after 1838, and date of dismission or expulsion and a list of baptized children and their parents; and a copy of the Confession of Faith.