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Minutes of the Twenty-Seventh Anniversary of the Wayne Baptist Association , Sept. 24, l86l , Paginated (Item 1)
Contents: Constitution & rules of order. Minutes contain: names of churches represented, names of persons present, names of committees, and committee members formed, resolutions supporting the Federal government in regard to the Civil War, names of persons who preached and where they took their texts from, records of Wayne County Baptist Church memberships, summary of letters (9-10), a history of the Marion Baptist Church (p. 11), treasury report of Wayne County Baptist Churches.

Lockville Baptist Society Records, 5 Oct. 1835 - March 25, 1855 , Chronological, not completely paginated (Item 2)
Contents: names of persons elected trustees, rules for electing board members, how and when to hold services and meetings, information on the building of the meeting house (1836), accounts during the building of the meeting house, slip account records, decisions on whether or not to retain pastors, discussions on financing and landscaping the new burial grounds, resolution changing the name of the society to the Baptist Society of Arcadia (after Lockville was changed to Arcadia), example of a conflict with church members and new Germans who wished to have a say in the society. A list of church members in the rear of the book.

First Books of Minutes, 1835 - Aug. 1847 , Chronological, paginated (to p. 45). (Item 3)
Contents: names of persons who joined the church (and how they became members), church covenent (p. 4), Articles of Faith (pp. 4-5 & 8); names of original church members and where they were from with dates of dismissal and method of dismissal, church discipline actions, names of persons suspended from the church, names of persons baptized, voting to do with pastor's salary, names of persons elected deacons. There may have been some sort of revival in mid-March, 1843 as an unusually large number of persons were received by the church.

Annual Meeting Minutes, 1847-1917 , Description covers only to Dec. 2, 1865 (Item 4)
Contents: List of members at beginning of book, Articles of Faith, Church Covenant, names of persons dismissed and baptized, church disciplinary actions, decisions regarding pastor's salary, reports of committee on delinquents, names of persons licensed to preach, reports from finance committee, decision to move the church from Arcadia to the western part of Newark (1864). Records almost illegible between 1857-1861 because ink and pencil are so faded. Much of 1863 is also illegible. There may have been some sort of revival in March 1849 as an unusually large number of persons were received by the church.