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Leaders Meeting Records, May 18, 1835 - April 11, 1842 , Chronological, not paginated (Item #1)
Meeting records contain: names of members present, records of class money received; names of persons on probation from class, examples of how this session acted as a court, records of persons whose names were removed from church records, names of persons recommended to the Quarterly Meeting Conferences to be licensed as preachers, de cisions regarding when and where prayer meetings were to be held, decisions regarding who guest speakers would be and who would take collections afterwards, decisions regarding the Pastor's salary, names of church members licensed to preach, reports on Sabbath School attendance, records of stewards appointed, and decisions on when to hold Love Feasts.

Leaders Meeting Records, September 3, 1849 - June 11, 1855 , Chronological, not paginated ( Item #2)
Goodwin. Also contains rules of order to be observed at official meetings Meeting records contain: records of money paid to stewards, names of persons present; reports on class attendance, records of money paid the society by the congregation, records of rent payments for the pastor's house, class account records, records of salary payments to the Reverends Dennis, Gulick, Haines and of order to be observed at official meetings and rules for conducting meetings.

Steward Meeting Records, September 1855 - September 1869 , Chronological, not paginated (Item #3)
Minutes contain: names of persons present, reports on class attendance, names of persons put on and taken off probation, records of money paid by class members to class leaders, decisions on times to hold prayer meetings, names of persons made full members of church, decisions on when to hold Love Feasts, discussion about an anti-slavery convention to be held in Rochester, names of persons recommended to the church, selection of delegates to attend laymen's Convention in Rochester, records of money sent to the American Bible Society, suggestions in reference to a district campmeeting, list of class leaders, accounts of payments to pastor. Also records of pews rented, records of collection money for the poor, money paid out of that collection, and names of persons given money from that fund.

Membership Register, 1836-1854 , Chronological, not paginated ( Item #4)
Contains: list of members, how they were received (by letter or admission), how they left the church (death, dismissal, expulsion), list of persons on class probation, their leaders' names, and how they were removed from the probation list.

Quarterly Conference Meeting Records, April 1837 - October 1899 , Chronological, not paginated ( Item #5)
Contains : unarranged list of leaders and stewards in the front of the book and minutes of Quarterly Meeting Conference which contain: names of persons present, names of persons elected stewards, Centneary of Methodism (October 21, 1839), record of subscription payments, names of persons wishing to be licensed to preach by the Conference, records of complaints and appeals, numbers of teachers (male and female), numbers of students (male and female), number of volumes in the library, reports of the estimating committee, financial reports, pastors' reports on the state of the church, names of persons elected district stewards, names of persons on various committees, accounts of funds raised for benevolent purposes, letter to General Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church (May 1, 1884), reports from Missionary Committee, reports from Temperance Committee, class leaders' reports.

Rear of volume contains a listing of classes, leaders and students.