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Parish Records, 1836-1855 [series]: (Item 2)
Includes annual printed statements of collections (by month) and disbursement (1837-1842).
List of rectors on the title page, from Orris Clark DD l8l4-l828 through William Stevens Perry DD 1869-1876.
pp. 2-31, December 11, 1836 - April 13, 1853. Baptisms run across two pages with the headings: Date, Number, Child's Name, Parents, Sponsors, Date of Birth, Where performed, Witnesses, and Remarks.

pp. 32-53, November 27, 1836 - March 29, 1855. Marriages run across two pages, with the headings: Date, Number, Names, Residence, Where Performed, Witnesses, and Remarks.

pp. 54-71, May 28, 1837 - April 7, 1855. Confirmations run across two pages, with no named headings, but included are: dates, number, names, remarks (all on left hand page), certification by rector on right hand page.

pp. 72-119, November 13, 1836 - April 8, 1855. Included are: Date, Number, Name, and Date "When First Mentioned in Old Register," all on left hand page; Disposition - Date of Death, Removal, Change to Different Church, etc. - on right hand page.

List of Parishioners
pp. 121-126. Names are sporadically marked as to frequency of attendance; also noted are disposition (died or removed), number of communicants from specific households and addresses.

Misc. papers in back of this volume:
1 sheet with various names, years and other numbers.
1 small sheet titled "Offerings Reported (Indecipherable), listing offerings for 18l8-l831.