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A Record of all the Baptisms, Confirmation, Communicants, Families, Marriages and Burials, in the Parish of Trinity Church, Seneca Falls. No Pagination. [subseries]: (Volume I)
"A Record on Baptisms in the Trinity Church Seneca Falls." 1831-1855 .
14 pages. Lists date, home town, officiating minister, child or adult and parents or sponsor.

"Confirmations," 1831-1850 .
8 pages. Lists date, name, presiding Bishop.

"The Names and Residences of the Communicants belonging to Trinity Church Seneca Falls" 1833-1840.
4 pages. Indicates removed, deceased, only on 1st page are individuals numbered.

" June 1st 1839 , Families."
Lists heads of households

"Trinity Church of Seneca Falls Families of the Congregation." Aug. 1, 1850
5 pages. Column 1, name of Family (actually head of household), col. 2, number of adults and young persons attending church, col. 3, children and infants baptised.

"Record of Marriages in the Parish of Trinity Church Seneca Falls." 1832-1850 .
8 pages. Indicates name of bride and groom, their towns of origin, date of the marriage, location, and officiating minister.

"Record of Burials in the Parish..." 1833-1851
9 pages. Lists name, parents or spouse of the deceased, tovn of origin, age, sometimes cause of death, sometimes vhere buried, sometimes if baptised.