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New York Cloak Joint Board [folder 1 of 9]
Includes: Murray Kolker, Henoch Mendelsund, Solomon Berger, Molisani; Stulberg, Abe Dolgen, Mayor Abraham Beame, Sol Chaikin, Molisani, Wilbur Daniels, Mendelsund, May, 1974; Stulberg - speech, April 1974; Hyman Libow speaks at his retirement luncheon, Stulberg, Mendelsund, and Molisani also present, Oct. 1, 1971; Nat Windman, Morris Kovler, Molisani, Stulberg, and Mendelsund holding the four new ILGWU charters, Aug. 1972; Molisani, Harry Fisher, Stulberg, Joshua Fogel, and Mendelsund, Aug. 1972; Molisani and Salvatore Cubisino, Aug. 1, 1973; portrait of William Henderson, aged 95, who was an original member of the ILGWU, Nov. 1969; Stulberg - speech, David Morse and Mendelsund also present, Dec. 1970; Stulberg with a painted portrait of himself, with Mrs. Bebe Stulberg and Mendelsund, May 1, 1971; Stulberg speech, with Molisani and Mendelsund also present, March 27, 1971; Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey - speech, April, 1971; Mendelsund standing at a meeting, May 15, 1970; Mendelsund standing at a different meeting, with Molisani, March 1, 1969; Mendelsund - speech, May 1, 1970; group photo including Stulberg and Mendelsund; Stulberg - speech, March 7, 1969; Mendelsund, Stulberg, Arthur J. Goldberg, Joseph Dubow, and Anthony Conticelli, July 1968; Stulberg and Goldberg; Mayor Finkel, Mendelsund, and Hyman Libow, Sept. 1, 1969; Caminali?; Mendelsund, Stulberg, Goldberg, Dubow, and Molisani; Marianne Moore, James Laver, Mendelsund, and Dubow, March 22, 1968; Sen. John Pastore and Mendelsund, Dec. 1967; Stulberg and Dubow in a group shot; Mendelsund - speech, Stulberg also present; June 1, 1967; Mendelsund - speech, Stulberg and Molisani also present, March 15, 1967; a 100 year old ILGWU retiree with Mendelsund and Dubow; Stulberg, Arthur J. Altmeyer, David Dubinsky, and Mendelsund give present to the son of a 100 year old retiree; Molisani and Kovler showing the union label to a shopper, Dec. 1962; David Dubinsky - speech, with Stulberg and Mendelson in background, March 21, 1962; Dubow, David Dubinsky, Bertram Reinitz, Joseph L. Rubin, Mendelsund, and Antonio Conticelli, May 1960; David Dubinsky swears in Mendelsund, Sept. 30, 1959; two women hand out flyers for the America Coat and Suit Festival, Aug. 1965; Israel Feinberg - speech; group shot including Antonini, Jan. 9, 1940; photo of the wage award in the coat industry, ND; Local 48 elections, Feb. 2, 1950; Dubow, Charles Baker, Charles M. Sussman, Samuel Klein, Israel Feinberg, James J. Walker, and David Dubinsky; J. H. Hersch and Joseph Breslow signing contracts; renewal of agreement between ff and Brooklyn Trucking associations and the New York Cloak Joint Board signed Sept. 18, 1940; Sam Zeldin, Eppone Biccone, Israel Feinberg and Molisani; group shot including David Dubinsky and Hochman, July 20, 1933; Local 48 office staff, with Molisani; Manager Heller and Mr. Resner shake hands; Cloak Joint Board signing an agreement with New York and Brooklyn Cloak and Suit Trucking Assoc.; Organizing Department Manager Philip Herman and staff; Officers of the Cloak Joint Board, 1/6/54; Ex-Premier DeGaspere of Italy visits Cloak Shop; Testimonial Dinner to Rubin Zuckerman, Dec. 19, 1954; David Dubinsky - speech at Cloak Joint Board meeting; O.R.T. committee meeting; David Dubinsky with Nagler, May 5, 1959; Feinberg, Adolph Held, and Joseph Breslaw of Fenway Coat Co.; party of Harry Cooperman at Anita Coat Co., July 19, 1951; Samuel Klein, Dubow, Feinberg, Kaplan, Arthur Altmeyer, Raymond V. Ingersol, Jeremiah Mahoney, Herbert Zane, Charlie Baker, Dec. 15, 1950; Local 82 meeting, Jan. 1950; National Committee for Rural Schools luncheon, 11/22/52; David Dubinsky, Antonini, and others at Nagler's 60th Birthday, 3/30/55; Nat Windman, Morris Kovler, Molisani, Stulberg, and Mendelsund with the new charters, Aug. 1972; Accessory Council's 60th Birthday luncheon for Nagler, 5/20/55; Kaplan, Nagler, and Breslaw; Cloak Joint Board meeting, 9/12/57; Cloak Joint Board Retirement Fund Banquet, 12/8/48; Hyman Libow, Oct. 1961