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Q-S [subseries]:
Reinhard, Ursula, defendant
Original documents from the trials of all three accused witches, that took place in Waltershausen in Thuringia, Germany. The first 106 leaves are sewn together in one fascicle and concern only Ursula Reinhard, who was tortured and burned. Followed by 93 loose leaves relating also to her trial, the rest is about subsequent trials of women accused by Ursula, Judith Rommelmann (2 leaves), and Caspar Hess' wife (7 leaves). With a note by G.L. Burr.

Rosenthal, Ludwig
Postcard offering for sale "a very interesting and exceedingly rare" booklet on witchcraft. Pencilled on the card is a note by G.L. Burr indicating that the book was not ordered for Cornell Library due to the price.

Sänger or Singerin, Maria Renata, defendant
Autograph document signed, containing: "Ratione Corporis Delicti," a brief of the case against her (leaves numbered 1-3). Three lists of questions to be asked of her (leaves numbered 4-6). Part of her examination and confession, dated February 5, 1749, and signed in her hand "Soror Maria Renata Sengerin de Mossau" (leaf numbered 7). Legal briefs discussing her alleged crimes, plus accounts of her secular trial and execution (leaves numbered 8-13). Sister Maria Renata von Mossau was a Bavarian nun at the convent of Unterzell, who was executed for heresy, witch craft, apostasy and satanism, one of the last people executed for these charges in Europe, in Würzburg in June 1749.

Schlott, defendant
AM Deposition for witchcraft against one Schlott, who was secretary for the convent of Unterzell, near Würzburg.

[1] Seebauer or Seebawer, K., defendant; [2] Bussbacher, Margaretha, defendant; [3] Schuster, Barbara, defendant; Eismennin, Margaretha, defendant; [4] Schneiderin, Anna, Staudtin, Anna and Magdhalena Stüberich [mother and daugher], Ottilia Dehinn, Claus Winckelmann, all from Hangenweisheim in Franconia, defendants; [5] Kühnen, defendant; [6] Künnen, Reygers, defendant; and [7] Groling, Margaretha, defendant
This set of manuscripts bound together contains the records of seven distinct trial records, numbered 1-7 in this catalog. The first record contains the testimony of the witnesses, and an account of the procedure of Frau Seebauer's trial and execution for witchcraft in 1629, with a short annotation by G.L. Burr ("bought for the President White's Library in September 1905") as well as two letters in German from bookseller and antiquarian Emil Hirsch from Munich, the first about this acquisition, and the second about other manuscripts documenting the history of witch-hunt in Franconia, for sale (August and September 1905). The remaining six records concern witchcraft trials that also took place in Franconia in the years 1615-1630 (2-7 in this catalog) including the last defendant's "Gut und peinliche Aussag" (statement under torture)

Seublin, Agnes, defendant
Six documents and a postscript scrap belonging to the trial of this Seublin of Warmbronn, near Stuttgart.

Spingel, Sunna, defendant
Autograph document signed, related to a witchcraft trial held in Neuerburg, Luxembourg

Stein, Susanne, defendant
"Advice" on behalf of the authorities of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and indictment and complete transcript of the trial held in Neuerburg, Luxembourg. With annotations by G.L. Burr, 1887

Stübler, Magdalena, defendant
Transcript of her witchcraft trial held at Leonberg, in Bavaria.